Blangala Sailing in Costa Rica: Dream Tours

    Blangala Sailing is a sailing boat that has been presenting excellent options of tours in Costa Rican waters for both local and foreign tourist

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    We have always heard that Costa Rica is a beautiful country with great natural settings; and although this phrase seems a cliché, the truth is that it is not. Our country has great beauties that many still do not know, and of which we will be talking to you through this edition. Where we will also have the luck to present our conversation by way of an interview with the CEO of Blangala Sailing, Alejandro Galluccio, an Argentine who, is also in love with this land, and presents to the world its most beautiful places.

    Determination is the best weapon to succeed in life

    Starting to chat and by way of anecdote, Galluccio tells us that he has sailed from a very young age. The love for this art was born in Rio de la Plata in his native Argentina when at the age of 9 he went to navigate the mentioned river with a group of friends and he felt conquered with what was later his way of making a living.

    His determination was such that at that time he promised that by having his own sailing ship it would be named Blangala. An acronym that is given from the first initials of the names of his friends with whom at that time were navigating with him the waters of that river.

    A Tours that take you to fantasy

    While our conversation continued to flow, Galluccio brings us back to the present with his story, telling us that this catamaran-type sailing boat offers an unparalleled experience since it could be said that it is the only one of its kind in all of Costa Rica. It offers daily tours of three and a half hours departing from Herradura beach at a time between 9:00 in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon. Depending on the time of your preference, you will not only enjoy the attractive landscape but also the sunset.

    On the other hand, and closely following the country’s philosophy of contributing to the environment, Blangala Sailing has adapted excellently well, so they do not use common fuel in order not to cause a direct negative impact on the environment.

    Being friendly with the planet is the first stop of this adventure and following the charm very closely is that we stop at Playa Fantasía, a very attractive place that can only be accessed by boat and that begins to make you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive.

    Another of the most beautiful and sought after destinations is Limoncito Beach, the beauty of its crystal clear waters and its white sand contrast with a freshwater fall. To which the CEO of this organization did not miss the opportunity to invite us while we developed this entertaining interview.

    Costa Rica is a country of opportunities

    Alejandro Galluccio says he is grateful to our country for all the opportunities offered. He is also emphatic in making it known that the public of Costa Rica is very grateful and above all very friendly.

    When we approach the issue of the COVID-19 Pandemic. He expressed that like everyone else it affected him but he saw an opportunity since more native tourists from areas within the country began to arrive but many were unaware of the existence of these destinations. Which gave him one more reason to continue with this project.

    It should be noted that today all security measures are carried out when embarking on the trip and despite the fact that the ship has space for 12 people, due to the issue of restricted capacity in times of pandemic, only tours with a reduced number of travelers who can be arranged for now: between 4 and 6 passengers.

    Get to know the man behind Blangala Sailing a little more

    Through the following quick questionnaire, Alejandro Galluccio confesses a little more about his life for everything. Get to know him …

    1 A smell: Jasmine.

    2 A flavor: Frozen.

    3 A mania for sleeping: Music.

    4 Good luck number: Eight.

    5 You don’t leave your house without: The cell phone.

    6 A dessert: Tiramisu.

    7 Costa Rica is: Pure Life!

     8 What makes you smile?: Another smile.

    9. Blangala is: Happiness.

    10 What do you dislike?: Impatience.

    Finally, the invitation is made, the decision is yours, enjoy and get to know Costa Rica. The best option is Blangala Sailing of Alejandro Galluccio.

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