Ticos Rush to the Beaches This Weekend, Despite the Severe Warnings by Authorities about Covid-19

People do not seem to take seriously the grave danger society is in

Hundreds of Costa Ricans have left this weekend for the beaches and other recreational areas around the capital, despite the warning and recommendations of the Ministry of Health not to go out this weekend and stay at home, as a mechanism of protection against the novel Coronavirus.

From noon on Saturday, the Traffic police-reported traffic jams on General Cañas and Route 27. In Jacó the establishments and the presence of tourists functioned as usual. Several bottlenecks were reported at kilometer 49. On Sunday, a large influx of vacationers was reported in Playa Hermosa, Playa Herradura, Jacó and Puntarenas. In sectors of beaches of Guanacaste such as Playa Hermosa, there was a large influx.

In this regard, during the press conference held on Saturday afternoon, President Carlos Alvarado expressed that a cultural change is needed to emerge victorious in the face of the threat of COVID-19.”Costa Ricans are very disbelieving and then when things happen we blame someone else … Let’s take care and follow established protection protocols,” said President Alvarado.

During each day’s interventions, the Health authorities recommend that Costa Ricans avoid crowds. In fact, within the measures implemented, there is the suspension of massive activities to prevent the spread of the virus

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