Our Country Is Surrounded by Places Where You Can Have The Dream Photo.

    Without a doubt, the best nature to capture memories.

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    Costa Rica is full of wonderful places to share with your family, with your partner or friends, and not only that but also capture the best scenarios with the best photos you ever thought you had had.

    Our country has its exuberant tropical jungles, volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches, and biodiversity so incredible that you would never finish visiting it, it is always a good place to visit.

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    Without a doubt, Costa Rica has endless places where you can capture the best moments of your trip to this country.

    We are going to start by giving you the best options to take that incredible photo that allows you to capture that moment that will always be in the memory of that visit to Costa Rica or simply when you visited that unknown place.

    Next, we are going to present you with a few places that will make you fall in love and you will want to capture the moment to remember.

    Coco Island.

    The marine wealth of gigantic proportions makes Cocos Island one of the favorite places for tourists from all over the world.

    Thousands of species of fish, sharks, and even cetaceans will welcome you if you dare to dive into its waters in search of a unique diving experience.

    Declared a World Heritage Site, this island is justly worthy of the title. So if you can get closer, and see everything incredible that this island can offer you, so that you can capture the best portrait you ever imagined.

    Marine Whale

    The best way to enjoy this area of ​​the country is by taking a humpback whale, dolphin, and other species watching tour while visiting the waters of the impressive Isla del Caño.

    Seeing a humpback whale jump over the sea is something you should do at least once in your life. Well, on Caño Island there are the most beautiful coral formations in the country.

     Remember to go through your camera before going to Marino Ballena and thus be able to obtain one of the best photos to remember.

    Lemon Boardwalk.

    The Malecon or breakwater is very close to the Vargas Park in the heart of the province, in this structure, you can observe a good sunset accompanied by slush or a delicious pasti.

    In addition to capturing a good photograph, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the incredible Caribbean culture.

     Manzanillo viewpoint.

    It is located inside the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Its beach is incredible and you can also snorkel or dive in its crystal clear waters, its reefs are amazing.

    There is no doubt that there you will capture the best photographs of this magnificent walk.

    Cocles Beach.

    This beach has to be a must if you go on vacation to the Caribbean, it is famous for its white sand and turquoise waters that give it that paradisiacal aspect.

    Here you can capture the sunrises and sunsets for your portraits that will make you dreamy.

    And finally, we recommend the Volcanoes that you cannot miss in your photographs so that this tour is truly magical.

    Arenal Volcano

    It is the most active of our volcanoes located in the city of La Fortuna in San Carlos.

     La Fortuna has a developed tourist infrastructure and almost all the lodging options in the area have views of the Arenal for you to constantly contemplate, and at night do not miss the incandescent spectacle of this magnificent volcano and thus you can capture the best photo that you had never thought to have.

    Finally, we advise you that when you come to visit our country and want to have a photo to remember, you go to these places so that you have the best photographs of your visit.

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