The 5 Most Important Yoga Postures You Should Know

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    Yoga is one of the disciplines that best combines physical benefits with mental and emotional ones. Practicing it on a regular basis guarantees a more flexible body and a stronger mind. But what are the yoga postures that everyone should know about? Take note.

    It is said that yoga, more than a sport practice, is a lifestyle. Those who know it well speak of a way of relating to our own body. Breathing is the key to listening to our mind, calming it down and thus improving the elasticity of muscles and joints.

    Although it is true that there are different types of yoga postures or asanas depending on the level of experience of the person. There are also some movements that are essential for any yoga lover, regardless of their level.

    Forward Bend or Padahastasana

    This is a flexion of the hips and spine that provides a deep stretch of the entire posterior musculature of the body. Thanks to this forward movement, the tissues relax and the activity of the nervous system is reduced, thus favoring calm. To do this, you just have to stand up with your legs straight. Bend forward at the waist, bringing your hands to the ground. The neck must be relaxed. If you can’t get your hands under your feet, you can bend your knees as much as necessary. Breathe and enjoy the calming effect of this pose.

    Backbend or Bhujangasana

    Contrary to the previous movement, this posture has an activating effect on the body. Surely you know it better as the position of the cobra. To perform this asana correctly you have to lie face down on the floor. Place the palms of your hands on the mat and push while raising your chest using your back muscles, but without raising your abdomen. Breathe and let the energy fill your entire body.

    Spinal Twist or JatharaParivartanasana

    It is a highly recommended yoga posture for after your daily sports routine. Its effect is very relaxing and balancing. Lie face up on the floor, with your shoulders resting on the mat and your arms crossed to widen your chest. Stretch your legs and turn them to the opposite side of your head. Once there, take a deep breath as you notice how all the muscles stretch. You can hold the legs at the height of your possibilities; that is, by the feet, the twins or the knees. Remember that in yoga you should never force the position.

    Crescent Moon or Anjaneyasana

    This pose allows you to stretch your spine, open your hips and chest, and strengthen your lower body. It receives the name of crescent moon because, when performing this asana, the figure of the body adopts an arched position in the shape of a half moon. It requires a lot of concentration, since to do it well it is important to have balance. Get on your knees with one of your legs forward. Put your hands on the ground and relax your shoulders. Very slowly tilt your trunk forward, while stretching the back of the leg that is not in front. Keep the sole of your foot flat on the ground. Breathe and stretch your arms behind your head, arching your back and looking up. Join the palms of your hands and hold the position for about 30 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position and see how you feel.

    Moving Mountain or Tadasana

    Standing with your feet together, inhale. The arms fall naturally by the sides. While the wrists remain internally rotated. Bring one of your knees up to your chest. The opposite leg must be firm against the ground. Alternate from one leg to the other and enjoy this movement.

    Let yoga enter your life to change it forever. If you liked this information and are interested in reading more content like this, do not hesitate to follow us on our social networks. We are waiting!

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