The 5 Keys to Overcome Your Fears Right Now

    Nelson Mandela told us: "It is not brave who is not afraid but rather who knows how to conquer it."

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    Everyone, without exception, feels fear. It is an emotion with which we are born and that in certain situations helps us to protect ourselves from danger and to be prudent. However, in most cases, fears are irrational, toxic and greatly limit our potential.

    I personally like to see fear as a great teacher, in the sense that it tells me where my mind thinks my limits are (notice that I say “my mind” and not “me”). Fear aims to challenge me to break my chains and thus be free to go my own way. By facing fear, I conquer myself. That’s why I always tell my clients: “If this scares you, go ahead! It means that we are on the right track”.

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    Ask yourself: What is stopping me from getting what I want? Is it a real or irrational fear? How would my life change if I faced it? Am I boycotting myself out of fear of success? Always welcome fear. Do what scares you, seeing it as a growth opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and expand your opportunities. Make the decision to change and trust yourself.

    Here are 5 keys to overcome your fears right now, whatever they may be:

    Stop running away.
    When you are afraid of something, it is natural to make excuses to avoid facing it. However, this reaction causes even more fear as it chases you harder. With this attitude of flight, you end up being afraid of fear, which is much worse.

    Stop denying them.
    Many people find it difficult to accept that they are afraid. They deceive themselves by telling a false story to show a courage they do not have. The first step in overcoming a fear is accepting it.

    Stop fighting.
    Don’t see fear as an enemy to be defeated because it will always win you over. The more you fight, the bigger and more powerful it becomes. Realize that deep down it is a struggle with yourself.

    Make friends with your fears.
    Allow yourself to feel the fear in your body. Observe it and identify how it manifests itself, in which parts of your body, how do you react, do your hands sweat? Does your heart race? Does your voice tremble? Are you blushing? happens to you when you feel fear? When you have it well identified, realize that it is only a bodily sensation, you will not die for it and you will begin to be able to face it. It is about normalizing it as a simple, uncomfortable and fleeting emotion.

    Face them as an opportunity to grow.
    Change your perspective and see fears as great teachers that challenge you to go beyond yourself. Do what scares you. It is the only way you have to get rid of it permanently. Ultimately, it is about transcending fears. You are much bigger than all those fears built by your mind.

    Remember the following:

    • Fear will always be with you as long as you continue to grow.
    • The only way to free yourself from fear is by facing it.
    • You are not the only one who is afraid. We all feel fear.
    • The only way to be happy is to live without fear.
    • Overcoming fear is less scary than feeling powerless for life.
    • Fear is nothing more than an emotion. Don’t give it so much prominence.
    • Fear is the opposite of love. Choose to love and trust.

    Can you imagine how you will feel when you have conquered yourself and are able to do everything that scares you? It is a matter of practice, like everything. Practice facing your fears to achieve true freedom. Do not miss the opportunity to go beyond yourself. Cheer up!

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