Tangerine: A Delicious Fruit Full of Healthy Properties for You

    Thanks to its antioxidant power, this fruit is used to repair the skin acting as a cellular protector absorbing free radicals

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    It is so easy to peel and eat a tangerine, and not only for its sweet and refreshing taste. It is also that the pleasant sweetness, its acid flavor, together with the softness of its pulp, makes it one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world for people of all ages.

    Although they provide less vitamin C than other citrus fruits, it is still an excellent source of this vitamin, stimulating the defenses of the immune system. Experts say that its consumption helps in the prevention of arteriosclerosis and lung cancer, it also protects the brain, the nervous system, and muscle tissue, all thanks to its vitamin C content.

    Not only to eat.

    The Tangerine is the new ingredient used in beauty salons because the skin of this fruit is the latest in aesthetic treatments. Few people know, but the membranes between the segments are very useful because they contain pectin, a fiber that lowers blood cholesterol. The membranes and the medulla also contain bioflavonoids, which act in a similar way to antioxidants. But the properties of tangerine do not end there thanks to that antioxidant power is also used in the field of aesthetics to repair the skin, this for being one of the fruits that more carotenoids presents in its composition and provides beta-cryptoxanthin and beta carotene in large quantities. The antioxidant activity of these elements and vitamin C provide physiological properties that go beyond just nutrition. Antioxidants fight the harmful action of free radicals on the skin.

    Citrus skin to pamper yourself.

    Due to the variety of benefits on the skin, Citrus peel wraps have gained great popularity among those who wish to optimize and improve the condition of the skin muscles. It involves wrapping the body, or a part of the body by using bandages impregnated with a wide range of natural elements, such as mud algae and herbal extracts. The benefits of body wraps are derived from the combination of compression and perspiration generated by the bandage. In turn, the section of the wrapped body decreases its dimension as this type of treatment is carried out.

    One of the ingredients that have gain more popularity for this kind of treatment is the tangerine. It returns all the luminosity to the human skin and also relaxes the whole body. The wrapping process lasts two hours and consists of three steps that are exfoliation, with a mandarin-based scrub, the application of a hydrating mask based on yogurt with tangerine, and a relaxing massage. After the treatment the person will be able to perceive a softer complexion, affirming and nourishing the skin and a sensation of relaxation.

    For our athletes.

    Because of their content of potassium, vitamin C, carotenoids and other nutrients, the mandarin wrap is a good alternative to replace minerals and fluids lost after physical activity and to minimize the risk of injury and enhance defenses. Also the juice of this fruit mixed with water, bicarbonate can perfectly equal the functions of hydrating drinks during a competition in sports that last more than 90 minutes, in which the loss of glucose, water, and electrolytes are more pronounced.

    Ideal against constipation.

    Are Tangerines Good for You?

    Tangerine is a natural source of fiber, essential to combat constipation and stimulates intestinal motility, mostly due to the white pulp under the peel and between the segments, thus it should not be discarded. This substance also favors the transit of fecal content throughout the colon, decreasing the contact time between harmful substances and the wall of the digestive system. It helps to decrease the absorption of fat and cholesterol, so very good for the control of blood glucose (levels of blood sugar). Having a satiating effect, it is a fruit suitable for people with hypocholesterolemia, diabetes and excess weight.

    Recommendation for you.

    Choose a room with a nice warm temperature. Rub the skin with a sponge to exfoliate and remove dead cells. Then shower with hot water, this will open the pores of the skin. Ingest large amounts of water the boil five peeled mandarins along with their peel in two liters of water, then wait until the preparation reaches room temperature. Soak the bandages and begin to wrap around the area of both feet. Follow these do-at-home tips to make and let you be pampered by the Tangerine.

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