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    Recommendations by the Institute of Wildlife Conservation for Observing Turtles Nesting in Costa Rica

    Protected areas in Costa Rica, in addition to serving as a shelter for populations of sea turtles that are increasingly threatened, are a focus...

    Costa Rica will Recieve $60 million for the Protection of Forests

    Costa Rica will receive $ 60 million from the World Bank over the next five years, in recognition of the reduction of greenhouse gas...

    Let’s Make Eco-blocks and Help the Environment!

    The increase in the supply of energy from renewable sources and the ecological debt that has been decreasing since 2011, are indicators of the...

    Costa Rica Tries To Punish Animal Abuse without Investing Resources in Investigations

    The Animal Welfare Law came into force in June 2017 after a strong popular outcry. However, the institutions in charge of investigating cases of...

    Costa Rica: A Country Dedicated to Environmental Conservation

    Pollution control and natural resource management have allowed Costa Rica to be the 3rd nation in the world that best conserves the environment. In fact,...

    Costa Rica Is a Bird-Watchers Paradise: Find Out Why

    Costa Rica is one of the preferred destinations for birdwatchers and photographers alike since it has a huge list of bird species compared to the size of the country

    Environmental Pollution and Depletion of Natural Resources

    Environmental pollution is nothing more than an evil derived from the unconsciousness and irresponsibility of people, thus causing damage in many cases irreparable to...

    Deep Seabed Mining: Great Potential and High Risk For The Planet

    Costa Rica is a country that has so much to offer the world, with its rich biodiversity, its happy hard-working people who fight, who...

    North Region Declared on Green Alert for New Cold Front.

    According to the National Meteorological, during the next two days, the influence of the Cold Front # 2 is foreseen in the national territory;...

    Environment Groups Against Pineapple Crops In Térraba-Sierpe Wetland

    Costa Rica is going through a complicated situation because it is divided between those who want to protect its wonderful biodiversity and those who...

    The Debate around Shrimp Trawl Fishing In Costa Rican Waters Continues

    Trawling in Costa Rica has been a subject of constant debate, in The Costa Rica News (TCRN); we have been monitoring the issue not...

    Meet Jennifer Leigh Smith And Community Carbon Trees-Costa Rica

    In our country there are people focused on doing much good to those around them and to their natural surroundings

    Costa Rica Progresses Successfully Towards a Carbon Emission-Free Agriculture

    A preparatory meeting for the United Nations Convention on Climate Change Conference (COP25) was carried out by Costa Rica, as part of the country’s...

    Costa Rica Promotes a Green and Emission-Free Economy

    Costa Rica is becoming an exemplary country in the protection of nature and its biodiversity. Thanks to its innovative “Decarbonization Plan” (2018-2050), with which...

    Fairphone 2: Communication with Ecofriendly Technology

    In January 2013, a group of Dutch developers set out to create the 1st "totally fair" smartphone, meaning that all its manufacturing and sales...

    Costa Rica Faces New Water Treatment Challenges

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - Wastewater treatment remains a challenge for Costa Rica, a country known for being a world leader in the...

    Green Costa Rica Pushes to Protect Rivers and Seas

    San Jose - While it is recognized worldwide for its natural resources and green policies, Costa Rica maintains the longstanding debt to the environmental...

    UNDP to Invest $ 3.3 Million in Environmental Protection in Costa Rica

    San Jose - The United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) announced that over the next three years it will invest $ 3.3 million in...

    United Biofuels of America: “We are developing the next big Costa Rican export”

    UBA has developed a program to sell renewable energy farms to potential green tech investors, the first of its kind in the world. The President of UBA explains why he thinks this is the next big export for Costa Rica in an exclusive interview.

    Reforestation and Turtle Patrols on the Osa Peninsula

    Since our previous report in February, the Frontier Osa project has continued with their important environmental work, which carries out groundbreaking surveys within Costa Rica's remote habitats, helping to conserve some of the country’s most mysterious creatures.

    Ecological farm aims to stand out as a good example in Costa Rica

    La Gran Vista Agricultural Ecological Farm is a non-profit project that aims to spread awareness of environmentally sustainable agricultural methods to other farmers in the region.

    Over 100 volunteers clean the Tárcoles River in order to protect natural habitats

    Around 110 volunteers sponsored by private companies and government institutions cleaned the Tárcoles River on Friday under the coordination of Bridgestone of Costa Rica (BSCR)

    Environmental project seeks volunteers and interns

    Undergraduate students who want to pursue a career in conservation can get hands-on experience at La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica’s Alternative Energy Future

    Contradicting actions by the Costa Rican government have environmental and renewable energy groups questioning Costa Rica’s intentions of being an eco- and environmental-friendly country.Contradicting actions by the Costa Rican government have environmental and renewable energy groups questioning Costa Rica’s intentions of being an eco- and environmental-friendly country.

    Researching Climate Change on the Osa Peninsula

    Conservation organizations are studying sea turtles and other Costa Rican wildlife to discover the effects of climate change on the biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula.

    Cleaning Ballena National Park: Vicinos Naccion Group

    A volunteer group, the Vicinos Naccion, has created and implemented a beach cleaning and protection education group for the three beaches of Ballena National Park: Playa Uvita, Playa Colonia, and Playa Pinuelas ecosystems.

    Ocean’s dead zones expanding; billfish more exposed to capture

    A recent research study revealed that billfish and other finfish are becoming more vulnerable to overfishing as dead zones (hypoxic zones) expand and shoal closer to the sea surface.

    Panama – first Central American country to restrict longlining

    PANAMA CITY, Panama and FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., USA – After banning commercial purse seining from its waters in July, the Republic of Panama has...

    Costa Rica Ranked in Top 10 Best Ethical Destinations

    The organization Ethical Traveler released an annual report this week in which Costa Rica was named one of the 10 best ethical destinations in the...
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