Costa Rica Ranked in Top 10 Best Ethical Destinations

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    The organization Ethical Traveler released an annual report this week in which Costa Rica was named one of the 10 best ethical destinations in the developing world.

    Issues such as environmental protection, social welfare, and human rights were taken into account while considering which countries to include in this list.

    Argentina, Barbados, Chile, Dominica, Latvia, Lithuania, Palau, Poland and Uruguay are the other ethical destinations highlighted by the organization.

    Ethical Traveler urges tourists to support nations who see tourism as a means of development without causing negative impacts on communities or the environment.

    The Executive Director of Ethical Traveler says: “We hope that travelers take heed to this list when planning your trip next year. When visiting the destinations included in this report, tourists can enjoy a really exciting trip while showing respect for human rights and nature.”

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