North Region Declared on Green Alert for New Cold Front.

According to the National Meteorological, during the next two days, the influence of the Cold Front # 2 is foreseen in the national territory; associated with its passage, the atmospheric pressure levels in the region remain high, generating strong trade winds in the south of Central America and consequently in the Central Valley, North Pacific and the mountain ranges of our territory.

It is expected that the greatest influence of the cold front will occur on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 December in the country, however, windy conditions in the center and north of the national territory and the rains in the Caribbean will continue even on Saturday.

Therefore, the GREEN ALERT Status is established for:

-North pacific

-Central Pacific


-North Zone

-Valle Central

In the northern region, an increase in rainfall of between 60-80 mm and maximum accumulated 100mm is expected.

Therefore, the CNE requests to take the following measures:

1. to the Emergency Committees and Institutions:

A. Monitor weather conditions at the local level, and be aware of weather conditions from the periodic reports of the IMN.

B. Stay activated and monitor the highest risk sectors in the cantons.

C. Maintain permanent communication with the emergency community committees.

D. Review the inventories of available resources, for the attention of the affected population.

2. Recommendations to the general population:

A. To the population, mainly those who live in risk areas, keep themselves informed and abide by only the messages disseminated by the official authorities at the national, regional and municipal levels.

B. Caution for the navigation of small vessels in the North Pacific, Central Pacific, and the Caribbean.

C. Caution to bathers on the beaches as strong waves could generate surf currents (Pacific and Caribbean)

D. Extreme precautions due to strong winds and their effects on roofs, posts, electrical wiring, signs, trees, and others.

E. Extreme caution in mountainous parts, such as National Parks and volcanoes due to strong gusts of wind.

F. Caution to air navigation due to strong turbulence over mountainous sectors and low atmospheric levels.

G. Avoid controlled burning

H. Take precautions for low temperatures mainly in the Central Valley and mountainous areas.

I. Caution to drivers due to rainy conditions, fog and strong winds on the main roads of the country.

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