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    Undergraduate students who want to pursue a career in conservation can get hands-on experience at La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm in Costa Rica

    The farm is currently looking for students, volunteers and visitors who can help them work on their educational project and learn about organic farming, soil regeneration and conservation, natural herbicides and pesticides, and enhancement of the natural environment.

    The main aim of the environmental project is to provide a working example of a farm that operates in a sustainable manner and removes the need to clear areas of forest. Each volunteer would get a task that has been specifically chosen and prepared to help ingrain the value of the farm, which is maximizing farm production in a highly sustainable and ecological way.

    La Gran Vista also offers opportunities for graduate students and researchers to extend knowledge, pursue specific interests, find field work or extend opportunities for thesis material.

    “We think the best way to preserve our Planet Earth is for everyone to become active and lend a helping hand to Mother Nature. We have major problems right now from green house gasses and global warming, to massive landfills that keep piling up, pesticides in our fruit, vegetables, and meat, shortages of suitable drinking water,” says Donald Villalobos who is the manager of the project.

    Villalobos is an agricultural engineer and has worked with the Ministry of Agriculture for 31 years. He adds that students should view the project as an excellent opportunity for gaining experience and making contacts at the outset of a professional career in conservation.

    For more information, visit La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm’s website,

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