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    Odyssey Of The Tortuguitas

    The sky is rather dark as we drive all the way up to the coast in Moín, a village just above Puerto Limón on...

    Free from traditional employment and Costa Rica bound

    Why we left Canada for Costa Rica Beyond the obvious reasons of wretched, cold winters and outrageously inflated housing costs in Alberta, Canada we had other...

    Community Service Programs in Costa Rica

    While in Costa Rica, teens hike volcanoes, learn Spanish, and observe the planet’s rarest flora and fauna. Most tours are balanced, allowing young adults time with their peers, host families, and community members. They work, practice Spanish, and tour the country.

    Reforestation and Turtle Patrols on the Osa Peninsula

    Since our previous report in February, the Frontier Osa project has continued with their important environmental work, which carries out groundbreaking surveys within Costa Rica's remote habitats, helping to conserve some of the country’s most mysterious creatures.

    Help plant a tree with Eco Preservation Society May 28-29

    Eco Preservation Society (EPS) will have an eco tourism event, Fiesta de Arboles, at the community of El Silencio on the Central Pacific Coast on May 28 and 29.

    Environmental project seeks volunteers and interns

    Undergraduate students who want to pursue a career in conservation can get hands-on experience at La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm in Costa Rica

    Researching Climate Change on the Osa Peninsula

    Conservation organizations are studying sea turtles and other Costa Rican wildlife to discover the effects of climate change on the biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula.

    Renovating the Carbon 1 School

    The small school of Carbon 1 and its students and parents have partnered with generous group of women from North America called “Women Like...
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