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    We understand By spirituality, is the set of beliefs Psychologically, these practices based on the absolute conviction Psychologically, these that there is a non-material dimension of life. Psychologically these beliefs are important for the person since they influence the meaning that they construct and how they establish their relationships with others and with the world. Spirituality, unlike religion, is limited to the private sphere, that shared intimacy between human beings and the divine.

    Spirituality is a notion that has rarely been worked on in classical psychology, but Positive Psychology pays special attention to its value. By spirituality, I am not referring to any religion in particular, but to a deeper way of seeing life, of that ability to have faith, to be able to connect with “something” that is bigger than oneself. Positive Psychology considers spirituality as one of the 24 personal strengths, located within the transcendence virtue. This virtue refers to that set of strengths that seek outside of oneself to connect with something magnificent and permanent, connect with others, with the divine, with the universe, and with the future.

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    Spirituality, unlike religion, is limited to the private sphere, that shared intimacy between human beings and the divine.

    Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman (fathers of Positive Psychology) are based on a series of studies where the benefits of spirituality become clear. Providing a clear moral framework helps create meaning and offers a sense of purpose, hope, and emotional support. Being spiritual can give you strength in bad times that sooner or later you have to go through, whether they are illnesses, losses, or others. Spirituality is associated with the ability to forgive, kindness and compassion.

    Like each of the 24 strengths, spirituality is something that can be strengthened, if we possess it we can develop it further and if we lack it, we can choose to start implementing it in our daily lives. We must learn to find balance, a balance that contemplates physical, mental, and also emotional stability. Let’s learn to be aware of our mistakes, weigh up what things we should improve for our good, and what things we have to work on to continue growing as human beings.

    The best things in life do not have to be perfect, sometimes happiness is hidden in the simplest things

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