Space Sector in Costa Rica Seeks To Become Known Internationally

    There will be a Space Directory that will provide information on the institutions linked to the Costa Rican aerospace sector

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    The space industry is in its golden age of world development and Costa Rica is ready to take advantage of the many opportunities and benefits that this industry will bring. To learn in detail about the protagonists of the Costa Rican space sector and to promote cooperation within Costa Rica and internationally, a free electronic book called the Costa Rican Space Directory has been published. The co-authors of the work are Mr. Bruce Callow along with Kevin Sánchez.

    The book is made up of summaries from Costa Rican space institutions, including the country’s private and public sector, as well as non-profit and student organizations currently working under this approach. This resource will be a useful tool for research, investment, media and Space enthusiasts, both from Costa Rica, Latin America and the rest of the planet.

    Now a reality

    Exploring the diversity of the emerging Costa Rican space sector in this Directory is now a reality. The contact details of each group appear on the list and thus contact one of these institutions or be aware of their activities.

    “Without a doubt, space technologies have a great impact on our daily life, although sometimes we are not aware of it, making it easier, safer and more sustainable. Indeed, the Space Sector has a key and growing role in areas such as communications, transportation, the environment, energy, agriculture, defense and security, that is why we gave ourselves the task of creating this Space Directory ”, stated co-author Bruce James Callow.

    Organizations participated in this work, which are included in alphabetical order, namely: National Academy of Sciences, Ad Astra Rocket Company, Aerialytics, Aerospace and Research Exploration Company, Central American Aeronautics and Space Association, Central American and Caribbean Astrophysics, Center for Space Research, Aerospace Cluster of Costa Rica, Aerospace Commission of the Federated College of Engineers and Architects, Foundation for the National Center for Science and Technology, Aerospace Engineering Group of the University of Costa Rica, Space Systems Laboratory, LeoLabs, Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, NASA Space Apps Challenge Costa Rica, Nine Hub Costa Rica, Orbital Space Technologies, Society of Women in Space Exploration, Space Generation Advisory Council, TECSpace, TicoSonde, Women in Aerospace Costa Rica.

    Quality job creation

    “The space sector is also a source of quality job creation. In Costa Rica we have highly qualified professionals, mostly in STEM disciplines, followed by workers with professional training. We must take advantage of the opportunities that our country offers and this Directory is an input that will facilitate the exchange of the sector with investors.”

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