Six Women Were Declared “Beneméritas de la Patria”by the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly

    For their positive contributions to Tico society

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    The deputies of the Legislative Assembly approved this Wednesday to give the distinction of Beneméritas de la Patria to six women who stood out in their feminist struggles, as well as in politics, education and culture.These are Corina Rodríguez López, Vitalia Madrigal, Sara Madrigal, Emilia Castro Silva, Victoria Garrón and Matilde Marín Chinchilla.

    “The Feminist League is already a Benemérita(Well-deserved) organization of the Patria (Homeland) in itself, however, it is important to make visible the women who have given an outstanding contribution to the country, who have been many throughout history, and yet, there are few that appear in history books and recognition acts,” said deputy Luz Mary Alpízar, proponent of three of the “benemeritazgos”.

    Legislative Assembly

    The highest honors

     The legacy of each of the women meant that the deputies did not oppose giving them such a distinction, one of the highest honors that Congress gives to citizens after her death.

     “Women’s history must be told.  I thank the more than 30 deputies who signed the presentation of these benefits, supported the waiver of procedures for their prompt approval and finally today, gave their affirmative vote to make them a reality,” said Alpízar.

     More distinctions

    The Assembly also declared this Wednesday Fabián Dobles as Benemérito de las Letras Patrias.  This project was proposed by the Frente Amplio faction.Dobles was a writer, journalist and also a member of the Popular Vanguardist Party.  Dobles Rodríguez was awarded the Magón Prize in 1968 and is one of the recognized writers of the so-called generation of 40, made up of intellectuals committed to social justice, such as Carlos Luis Fallas or Joaquín Gutiérrez.

    They also declared the writer, historian and professor Carlos Meléndez Chaverri as Benemérito of Sciences, Arts and Letters. Finally, Honorary Citizenship was granted to Inés Trejos, a prominent journalist, worker for the country’s culture and who was even vice minister of that portfolio.As an interesting fact, Mrs. Inés was the winner of 30 million colones in the sixth season of the program “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

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