Seven things to consider when opening your first office

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    As an entrepreneur, there are few things more exciting than opening your first office. However, this isn’t a step that should be taken lightly. You need to nail the layout and atmosphere if you want to create a productive workspace. Here are seven things to consider when opening your first office.

    Think about future expansion

    When you’re trying to determine your office layout, it’s important to think about future expansion. If you find yourself with a huge team and nowhere to work, you’ll need to break out and set up another space, which means additional costs for moving and construction. On the other hand, if your business fails, you’ll have a space that you can’t use. When hiring your first employees, make sure to take their input into consideration and not be highly opinionated with the office layout.

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    Location is everything

    Most businesses will start out in a small office before they expand, so location is important. It may be tempting to look for an office that’s cheap, but if you can find one with plenty of foot traffic and access to public transport, you’ll attract more clients. It’s also important to remember that top talent is hard to find – so if the location is too remote, it could prevent your business from reaching its full potential.

    Invest in furniture

    Once you have a good idea of your floor plan, invest in some quality furniture. You don’t need to break the bank, but it’s important for employees to have comfortable places to sit and work. A bad office chair can cause back problems and make an employee less productive. If you find yourself spending more time in your office, you may want to invest in an ergonomic office chair.

    Lighting is key

    If your employees aren’t happy with the lighting, they won’t be very productive. It’s important to think about how you want your office lit up – do you want the standard fluorescent lights, or would you like some accent lighting? You can also invest in some task lighting, which could help highlight certain areas of the room.

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    Invest in technology

    It’s important to invest in technology that will help your employees be more productive. If you have an open floor plan, you need to have plenty of space for computers and printers. You can also upgrade your office to include a smart board for presentations or interactive screens so employees can collaborate with each other face-to-face. You can also find cheap laptops for students that will suit your business needs.

    Create a space to relax

    While you can’t expect everyone to be productive 9-5, it’s important to provide employees with a space that they can relax in. This could include a TV and video game console or even a pool table – whatever works for your office.

    Concentrate on the atmosphere

    When looking to create a good atmosphere, it’s important to think about what kind of music you want playing in the background. You should also be aware of how much noise is coming from other offices – if your neighbors are loud, you could experience noise issues.


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