Rodrigo Chaves Will Allow Passage and Assist 2,000 Migrants a Day Heading to the US

    Mainly of Venezuelan nationality

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    Giving assistance to nearly 2,000 migrants a day who are heading to the United States is the mandate announced by President Rodrigo Chaves in the Governing Council.

    “We are not encouraging them to stay here, but we will let them pass, as international law requires us to. We are going to prevent them from using children to beg,” said the President.

    Vulnerable people

    The number of migrants increased from 200 people a day to more than 3,700 people a day and what they are looking for is to reach the US. They are vulnerable people, children and older adults in many cases.

    “Last week we presented the numbers and projections of growth that concerns us, regarding the care of these people. There are 10% of people who come and who do not have enough money to continue advancing and in some cases, they are people who are sick”, confirmed Marlene Luna, Vice Minister of the Interior.

    The country is adopting measures so that these people, mainly of Venezuelan nationality, can travel through the country in a controlled, safe and orderly manner.
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