New Law Would Allow Tico Workers to Accompany their Family Members to Medical Appointments During Working Hours

    Deputy David Segura proposes that workers be absent in these cases with salary payed

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    The deputy of New Republic, David Segura, presented to the legislative current a new bill that aims to reform the Labor Code, for the benefit of people who have responsibility for the care and protection of family members.

    The initiative seeks that these workers can be absent from work with pay, when their direct dependent family member needs accompaniment in medical appointments or other functions.

    The relative must be from your direct family nucleus in order to apply the law. In addition, it would be people who cannot fend for themselves or who are presented with a special situation in terms of their health.

    For Segura, “it is unfortunately common for workers to have to file an appeal because the employer has refused to grant them an authorization with salary, to accompany minor children to medical treatment,” he said.

    Reconciling work and family life

    Likewise, it commented that “our national legislation and the international instruments signed, stipulate the duty of the State to adopt appropriate legal and administrative measures so that the conditions for reconciling work and family life are created, which allow fathers and mothers, as well as other people responsible for the home, fulfill their duties of care and support for children, the elderly, the sick, the disabled or any member who requires special attention. The political faction reported that it will continue to create this type of project, which seeks to guarantee the quality of life and well-being for families.
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