Tradicional Chinese Medical Treatment: an Alternative for Your Health

Acupuncture and Gem Therapy are two of the methods most widely accepted

Acupuncture is a form of alternative treatment based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine and it is done by inserting fine needles at certain points of the body depending on the type of problem. This technique is usually practiced to relieve pain, tension, and anxiety. But also to cure a wide range of diseases.

First, the health specialist selects the areas of the body needed to be stimulated based on an analysis of the patient’s energy imbalances. During treatment, the person should be lying on their stomach or their backs. This constitutes the proper position to insert the sterilized needles. Although you may feel tingling or numbness during each session, it does not cause any discomfort or pain.

The placement of the needles is done in the body respecting an order. As for the depth of the insertion, it will depend on the condition being treated. The sessions last approximately one hour; the needles must penetrate and take effect between 20 to 45 minutes.


Chronic pain is the main reason why people seek acupuncture. It causes a slight pain but then has a soothing effect (a phenomenon that occurs when the patient’s symptoms improve with the introduction of a harmless substance). It is not safe during pregnancy. It has good results in treating addictions. It is an excellent complement for cancer treatments and helps patients with HIV. It serves to improve learning capacities. It can treat depression. It has been used as an anti-aging treatment. Relieves dizziness, vomiting, stress, joint pain, muscle contractures, hypertension, headaches, problems of impotence, infertility, both in men and women, diseases related to the functioning of the digestive system, smoking, overweight, respiratory system conditions, allergies, ailments in the spine.

This type of treatment should be applied only by certified practitioners (acupuncturists) in the field. There are “traditional medicine” health centers in all parts of the world that offer this type of alternative healing methods, and if integrated with a halophytic health center will allow being able to do the corresponding exams and then to be evaluated and diagnosed. This provides direct information to choose the appropriate method for the patient.

Gem Therapy.

Another alternative medicine option is Gem therapy, this treats the patient at his/her highest energetic points called “body chakras” which are 7, and are: the hands, forehead, heart, solar plexus, arms, legs, and abdominal area, placing at each point a specific gem that is chosen according to the ailment or discomfort, the treatment lasts around one hour, while the patient listens to relaxation music such as sounds of nature or sounds of the sea to completely relax the patient, so the gems or stones will collect the negative energies that the human body has by stabilizing the energy field, thus achieving the balance of the so-called Yin and Yang which, according to Chinese culture, is the balance of the energy body between good and bad, thus correcting the poorly channeled energy that the patient possesses, achieving improvement and total recovery of one’s well-being.


All alternative medicine therapies obtain success depending on the faith the patient puts into it since these are ancient techniques that treat the spiritual part of the human being, achieving in this way the connection of the soul and the body in total harmony.


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SOURCEYoleida Rivas
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