Road Leading to the Turrialba Volcano and that a Farmer Took Over is Declared Public

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    A section of Route 417 that connects Hacienda La Central, on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano and to the top of the national park, which was taken over by a farmer, is public, according to a clarification from the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT).

    The MOPT document SPS-PEMIST-2019-53 and a query from the National Registry mention that the farm owned by a farmer with the surname Montero adjoins a public road of approximately five kilometers.

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    Both the mayor of Turrialba, Luis Fernando León, and the president of the canton’s Chamber of Tourism, Ida Herrera, called on the authorities of the Executive Branch to move forward legally with the reopening of this section of National Route 417.

    “Our request is that the Government pressure the opening of this route at a legal level, which is the one that is closed at the moment,” Herrera said, while noting that it is important to have this Access and not just the Via de Monte Calas that is alternate to access the natural colossus.

    “We cannot continue promoting the development of tourism companies if we have the volcano closed. For us it is a constant concern, it is a disincentive for the local economy,” said the president of the Turrialba Chamber of Tourism.

    Road needed for security reasons

    Along the same lines, the administrator of the Turrialba Volcano National Park, Reina Sánchez, explained that this road is also needed for security so that vehicles can access it.


    For his part, the mayor of Turrialba denounced that the owner of the farm has caused problems with neighbors and has blocked the road with different objects such as stones and fences.

    Former deputy Paola Valladeres had stated that an immediate response is necessary as to the reasons why the MOPT has not acted with the corresponding diligence for the immediate reopening of the public road, “but also to know what administrative measures are going to be taken before these egregious breaches of duty”.

    Alternate access

    Official access to the national park is from the Tapojo sector on cantonal route 020, specifically through Finca Monte Calas according to the “Specific Cooperation Agreement between Agrícola Ganadera Volcán Turrialba A.G.V Sociedad Anónima and the National System of Conservation Areas for passage to the top of the Turrialba Volcano National Park.

    Although the national park remains closed due to the activity of the colossus, it is expected that it will reopen in the coming days with the completion of the works carried out on the Chusquea trail, located on the top of the volcano. The conditioning of this trail will protect the safety of tourists in case of an eventuality due to an eruption.

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