Ritual: White and Yellow Flowers to Intuit as Fairies

    So you can enhance your intuition towards processes of expansion and personal growth

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    Fairies are creatures from European mythology, that are associated with sorcery and enchantment. Each culture gives them a meaning, characteristics, color, and geographic location; but the recurring element is the ability to intervene with supernatural powers in the destiny of humans.

    There are many stories that have been spread, but all of them include magic, knowledge of nature, spells and the ability to transmute situations in favor of those who request their intermediation.

    As fortunetellers and sorceresses, they represent feminine forces of nature, different from elves and goblins who are masculine spirits. They are there willing to connect with you so that you can enhance your intuition towards processes of expansion and personal growth.

    Materials needed:

    • A bottle of flowery water.
    • Seven white and yellow flowers (one for each day).
    • A yellow candle.
    • A glass bowl.
    • A bell.
    • A piece of bread.


    For seven consecutive days, place the bowl with all the elements on the floor in a place in your house, where they directly receive the first rays of light from the rising sun.

    As the water is impregnated with the heat of the star king, begin to make your requests in the following order: Connection with the energies of the universe, health, well-being, prosperity, love and abundance for you and all the people who make up your circle.

    Consecrate the candle and ask that through it your life be illuminated in perfect harmony with the universe. Wash your hands and feet with the water and let them dry on their own. Repeat the campaign at least seven times.

    Sprinkle the rest of the water in the corners of your home and pour a good amount over the entrance so that everything flows and is channeled naturally. Light the yellow candle for 10 minutes every day and leave the piece of bread next to it. Then take it to a temple to finish consuming.

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