Angels Always Present in Our Lives (II)

Archangels Who Are Always in Our Prayers and Petitions

Moroni. He is the Angel of the Saints of the Last Days. He appeared to Joseph Smith, in the state of New York. He told him where there were the gold tablets buried, and they both translated them and created the Book of Mormon.

It tells us that in 600 BC, during the destruction of Jerusalem, a Jewish family escaped and arrived in North America carrying “the Tablets written by one of the last Wise Men”. The name of this elder was Mormon and it was his son, Moroni, who buried the tablets. Therefore, Moroni delivers the book of revelations.

Moroni has a statue in Palmyra, New York, where he is portrayed as an angel without wings and dressed in robes, describing him as “a being of light with a face of lightning”.

Melchizedek. “The Wise Man of Salem” is known as the high-level angel who took human form. Looking like very masculine, according to the Urantia Book, he appeared 2,000 years BC announcing to serve El Elyon and creating his teaching center that he himself directed for over 90 years.

Masculine-like angel
Masculine-like angel

This angel was in charge of delivering Moses the Alliance Ark. Teaching that salvation is by faith, from his teaching center, many missionaries have come to share their knowledge. It is believed that Melchizedek called Sydik. In Phoenician mythology, he was the father of the 7 Elohim. His arrival to the Earth was due to give light in a very dark moment.

 Ariel. His name means “Lion of God”. He is mentioned among the 7 princes who govern the waters. He is also known as the Great Lord of the Earth.

The Jewish mystics used Ariel as the poetic name of Jerusalem. Ariel is the Angel who controls the demons. He is also related to the order of angels called thrones. It is known that he has attended St. Raphael in the cure of diseases.

Ariel is one of the Angels of Alchemy. It is said that his eyes can see through eternity. He oversees the work of all the spirits of nature and works to assist in the awakening of humanity. Working with Ariel is to open the doors to the world of fairies.

Metaphysics. Element: Earth. Season: Summer. Color: white and earthy tones. Zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Israfel. His name means “The Ardent”. According to the Arab tradition, he is related to the resurrection and singing. He served for 3 years as a companion to Muhammad, initiating him on the spiritual path to be a prophet. He is described as a 4-winged angel, with his feet on the 7th Earth and his head reaches the columns of the divine throne.

Raziel. His name means “Secret of God”, “Angel of the Secret Regions”, and “Head of the Secret Mysteries”. According to the legend, he is the author of a great book where all the earthly and celestial knowledge is.

It is said that this book passed through the hands of Enoch, who said that it was his responsibility. Then at Noah’s hands, who took the knowledge for building the ark from there. It is believed that Solomon also owned the book, which gave him his wisdom and the power of magical knowledge and commands over demons.

In the work “The Zohar”, of Jewish mysticism, it says that in the middle of Raziel’s book, a secret writing appears where “the Thousand Five hundred keys to the mystery of the world” are explained, which have not even been revealed to the Angels. Other Jewish mystics say that Raziel is standing on Mount Horeb, to proclaim the secrets of men to all mankind.

Zadquiel. She is a very high-level angel. Of imposing height, she has a firm and clear look and strong aspect. She also reflects great wisdom, serenity, and control.

Warrior angel
Warrior angel

Metaphysics tells us that her hair is red and long, with high cheekbones. She has an expression of power and will. Her shoulders are straight and wide. She wears a violet robe with long sleeves, with golden edges.

On her chest stands a beautiful pectoral of interlaced gemstone chains, on which a triangular Pink Amethyst is framed within a golden circle.

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