Angels Always Present in Our Lives (I)

Let's Talk About the Archangels

St. Michael Archangel. Authors say that the name has various meanings: “Who is like God”, “He is equal to God”, “Who resembles God”, “A very luminous Angel”.

Among the angels, he is the most powerful. Therefore, he has greater light and energy. He is the triumph of light over darkness. That is why in the bible they call him the angel of Jehovah. It is believed that he was the one who appeared to Moses in the burning bush and the one who rescued Daniel from the lions. It is said that his wings are Emerald Green, with sapphire hairs and each contains a million faces, mouths, and tongues, with a million dialects asking God for forgiveness.

St. Michael Archangel's powerful light
St. Michael Archangel’s powerful light

In the scrolls of the Dead Sea, Michael emerges as the prince of light, the one who fights against the legions of evil; he is also the Angel of Autumn.

It is the angel of balance, associated with justice and lawyers. He is represented by the colors green, blue, gold, and pink.

Metaphysics tells us that the last incarnation of Michael was Jesus of Nazareth and with that existence, he closed his life cycles evolving to the Octave, on the energetic level. It is one of the 7 great fires that the planet holds to this Universe.

Element: fire. Season: Autumn. Color: blue. Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

St. Gabriel. His name means “God is my strength” or “He who is in the presence of God”. He is the most frequent visitor of the high realms, Saint Gabriel is the announcer of the divine messages; he appeared to Mary and his cousin Isabel, to announce the birth of Jesus and John, respectively. St. Gabriel is the one that explains to the prophet Daniel how the return of the Messiah will happen. For the followers of Islam, Gabriel is the spirit of truth, who dictated to Muhammad the Koran.

Angel watching the Earth clouds

In the Jewish tradition, it was he who separated the Red Sea so that they could escape from the Pharaoh. It is also said that he was the angel that appeared to Joan of Arc. Gabriel’s interest in the planet is surely due to its function as a celestial alarm, that is, the Angel of the vibratory transformation.

Metaphysics tells us that he is serene, peaceful, with brown eyes and hair. He carries the message of the high planes of light. He labors in the 4th white ray of purity, resurrection, and ascension.

Element: water. Season: Winter. Color: white. Zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Virgo.

St. Raphael. His name means “God has healed”, “The most loved and respected”. His image appears in the canvases of Botticelli, Titian, and Rembrandt.

He is quoted in the bible as the one that accompanied Tobias on his journey. That is why it is said that he is the guide of travelers. St. Raphael was the one who gave him the recipe to cure the blindness of Tobias’s father. His missions as a healer have been very important. He heals the pain of the circumcision of Abraham, and he heals Jacob’s thigh. It is said that he gave Noah the “medical book”.

It is also said that St. Raphael guides, in the afterlife, the souls for their healing. His feast is celebrated on October 24th.

Metaphysics, tells us that he is strong and firm. His hair is golden and falls on his shoulders. He is always ready to respond to the one who invokes him. He performs his service in the 5th green ray.

Element: air. Season: Spring. Zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Metatron. His name means “He who occupies the throne next to the divine throne”. Some sources say that he was the prophet Enoch, who was taken to heaven and transformed into an Angel of fire.

Uriel. His name means “fire of God”, “Regent of the sun”, “Call of God”. He is known as the Archangel of Salvation. Like Metatron, he is one of the angels of the presence of God. It is believed that he has been the protector of the doors of the lost Eden. The book of Enoch tells us that it was Uriel whom God sent to warn Noah about the flood. He revealed the mysteries of the heavenly arcana to Ezra and also led Abraham out of Ur.

Metaphysics tells us that he represents gold because his body radiates golden color. In his head, he has a diamond crown, given by Master Amado Sananda. He is in charge of the 6th Ruby Red Ray of Provision, which means abundance, supply, and wealth.

Some claim that the divine art of alchemy was brought to Earth by Uriel. It is also said that this angel was the one who brought the knowledge of the Kabbalah. It is also said that he is an angel with a very sharp sight.

Jodfiel. Her appearance is delicate, green eyes, and short golden hair.

Metaphysics tells us that she has a radiant breastplate of gold and diamonds that stand out in her garment. She belongs to the Golden ray of wisdom and illumination. When meditating with her, the conscience rises.

Chamuel. He looks like a child. He is always to be a good friend, and help meet desired requests.

Metaphysics tells us that he fulfills his work in the 3rd pink ray of divine love.

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