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    If you are an animal lover and you have a cat as a pet, take these recommendations into account. Today in this report we bring you some advice and care that we should have when feeding our cat, to care for and preserve their health and avoiding certain diseases.

    This is how our beautiful country Costa Rica joins the care and preservation of the animal world, it should be noted that our country is the third in the world that has the greatest amount of biodiversity, with a substantial representation of the flora and fauna in the world.

    Costa Rica is the country that owns 5% of natural reserves worldwide and has been concerned in recent years in implementing and maintaining a model of behavior focused on ecotourism and also animal conservation.

    The cat’s food should always be under the supervision of a specialist or, if not available, under the care of its owner, in order to ensure that what it consumes does not cause harm.

    Having a pet at home entails many efforts and cares from both the veterinarian and general household caregiver. Felines are animals that are carnivorous but when kept domesticated they cannot hunt rodents and thus their domestic diet should be based on food specified for cats.

    Cats eating together
    Cats eating together

    Nowadays, it is no secret to anyone that the hasty life we lead every day entails feeding our cat with the first thing we get out of the fridge or even dog food believing that it does the same function of cat food, not knowing the damage it can cause our little friends.

    Experts warn that cats that are fed dog food are becoming blind as a result of consuming this product, which does not offer them the nutrients they need. Felines that are not consuming cat food are no longer consuming the amino acid Taurine that is essential for the cats’ visual sense. It is a neurotransmitter and a small molecule that intervenes in the formation of bile.

    Professionals of veterinary medicine assure that they have attended many cases of cats with central retinal degeneration that causes the total loss of vision in an irreparable way.

    Blindness is not the only pathology that these pets can present. Veterinarians argue that heart failure is also present and in many cats is lethal, they also signal out that cats may have reproductive problems and those who are pregnant and do not consume this amino acid, have their offspring with growth problems.

    It is advisable that in case of not giving cat food, replace it with animal protein (leftovers meat), avoiding at all costs giving food that is not prepared with what they need and instead of nourishing them, you are causing harm and even death to our little furry friends.

    Another condition is the feline urological syndrome, which is present in the urethra, obstructing it and preventing them from urinating.

    Some recommendations to feed your cat at home

    In recent years, the government of Costa Rica has carried out awareness campaigns through social media to benefit stray cats by making Costa Rican citizens aware of the importance of adopting them as pets, providing tips and options of great relevance on the benefits of having them as companions. In this sense, you should know that they can be fed naturally without buying expensive products that contain chemicals that harm their health.

    Among the main recommendations to feed your cats, take into account the following:

    • A basic, simple and inexpensive diet to feed our furry companions at home, is simply to put aside processed canned food and instead become a chef, preparing nutritious recipes that consists of buying in your favorite butcher shop, heart, liver and kidney of beef, send it to grind, combine and then cook it with some vegetables such as zucchini, spinach and a touch chard, letting it mix until getting a homogeneous paste that besides being delicious is more nutritious and ideal for your pet.
    Protein food for cats
    Protein food for cats
  • Another ideal economic and sustainable option for felines is to make them a consommé of fish heads, this gives them natural energy, especially for those who are a little weak or are going through an anemic episode. You must be careful when elaborating this recipe, it is important not to exceed the number of condiments that you use to flavor this recipe, also important to remember and strain the consommé avoiding this way bone particles that could cause an accident.
  • To pamper your cat, prepare some delicious croquettes made with rice, vegetables and white meats like fish or chicken. The preparation is very simple; boil the 3 ingredients together, once ready let it cool then mix until you get dough with which the croquettes are made. Then bake for 10 minutes at 180 Centigrade degrees.
  • With all these options, you have no excuse to not pampering your cute kitty!

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