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    Angel, derived from the Greek Angelus which means messenger of God, which in turn is derived from the Hebrew “Malak” with the same meaning, are spirits of light created by God with the sole purpose of serving Him, they are totally spiritual beings, not they have free will, they are sustained in a very high energetic level, necessary to be able to support the energy in the presence of God. In some religions they are known as minor gods at the service of good.

    The creator left them in charge of continuing his work, so for every activity and way of life there is an angel, these quasi-divine beings are recognized by all religions and they walk hand in hand with us, they are our protectors and they are always our side to guide and take care of ourselves.

    At this point a big question arises. Where are you? I do not feel them. What a good question, they are waiting for you to calm your mind so they can communicate, our mind is our best ally but it is a great enemy, learning to shut it up is not easy but neither impossible, to obtain this good we have to meditate to take a moment of each day to focus on being in peace and achieve those melodious tones of silence, every day dedicate ourselves to one and go freeing space in our hard disk, that is to heal. It is to achieve the appropriate frequency to be able to achieve the good connection.

    Those beings of light called Angels are bright little points that we see in the darkness, it is that feeling of companionship in solitude, it is the embrace in the midst of pain, it is feeling protected in danger and getting to hear a care in time. Los Angeles are subtle beings and they give you messages through intuition, they are those hunches that alert us.

    Miguel Archangel
    Miguel Archangel

    Angelic Order (from the book Discover your Angels)

    Heavenly counselors Angels: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

    Angels who work as Celestial governors: Domains, Virtues and Powers.

    Angels who work as Celestial messengers: Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

    I give you a short review of each one:

    Seraphim: Surround the throne of God

    Cherubim: guard the light of the stars

    Thrones: company of the planets

    Domains: direct the activity of the other angels

    Virtues: they send divine energy

    Powers: They are responsible for life and death

    Principalities: they bring to the heart of man the integration

    Archangels: those close to men (Gabriel, Miguel, Rafael, Uriel), which are the best known among others

    Angels: they are the guardians of each person, those who take care of us and walk with us.

    How to communicate with your Angel:

    Guardian angel
    Guardian angel

    Prepare a special place where you get peace, your personal altar, put on comfortable clothes, put a glass of water, light an incense, a candle of the color of your preference, sit and place your hands on your knees with your palms up and breathe deeply bringing the air to your stomach, feel and visualize a light that enters your body a white and resplendent light that embraces your being, connect with your higher self and let yourself flow.

    You have this breathing followed seven times then breathe normal and say
    “I am the light of the love of God my creator”

    Let emanate your thoughts that are ordered and regroup, you will feel light, calm and at peace, at that moment tell your guardian angel that you accept and respect him,
    “Thank you for being your protector”

    Try not to think and do not judge what you are experiencing, just feel, pay attention and listen to what they want to communicate to you.

    Beings of high spiritual level
    Beings of high spiritual level

    This meditation should not exceed half an hour (when you are a beginner).

    Then make contact with the earth, feel where you are, move your body and give thanks, the altar, it is optional you can leave it to have your sacred space.

    At the beginning communication is not fluid, do not get discouraged because as you practice it becomes easier.

    The Angels give you messages and gifts, if you are united with them, they give you the ability to love unconditionally.

    Another great benefit is the activation of the solar plexus which is located a few centimeters above the navel “.

    This pure energy that you can receive can be expanded to cleanse your body and mind, with practice you can expand it to your family and loved ones.

    Meditation and tranquility is one of the best ways to maintain contact with your angel.

    Raphael, Michael and, Gabriel
    Raphael, Michael and, Gabriel

    They are everywhere, in people who look at you with love and do not know why, in the sweet song of birds, in the blessing of a mother, in the tender gaze of a dog, in the caress of a cat in all that which reminds you that there is love, that gives you peace and harmony.
    The angels are in your consciousness, it is the inner voice that tells you what you have done is good or is bad generating a feeling of satisfaction or a feeling of guilt.

    We can see how human beings in many times without ranzón help each other,
    Example when we have found ourselves in an emergency situation and a person without any reason stops his way and supports you by giving you what you need to move forward. Like the parable of the Good Samaritan.

    To have an Angel near is to emit a subtle energetic frequency, it is to have the smell of the spikenards, it is to see how everything happens in a wonderful way, you realize that anger and anger are the failure of humanity, to have peace is to float gently between the feathers of knowledge, love and passion, is the true climax expressed in its purest essence.

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