Music for the Heart, Life, and the World

Music Will Always Be One of the Best Arts and Languages in the World

For many people, music can be the ideal option to express feelings and energies, both peace and sadness. It can also be part of stimulation and education. When doing physical activities, housework, and studying, music can be the best company.

Music and science go hand in hand. According to experts from Guadalajara, music cannot be understood from a better perspective than that of science; “Music is the art of combining sounds harmoniously”.

Music and science are compatible in many ways.
Music and science

In the same way, they focus on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity that dictates that time is in the same dimension as space, “a composer is merely an organizer of space-time”.

Music relaxes our brain. Some scientists suggest that the influence of music on human beings may have arisen from a fortuitous event, due to its ability to hijack brain systems built for other purposes, such as language, emotion, and movement. We listen to music from the gestation period. Babies, in the first months of life, have the ability to respond to melodies rather than verbal communication from their parents. Soft musical sounds can be part of your relaxation.

Music is one of the multiple intelligence areas.
Musical brain

Music can also be considered as one of the elements that cause more pleasure in life, because it releases the hormone dopamine in the brain, as do food, sex, and drugs. All of them are stimuli that depend on a subcortical brain circuit in the limbic system, that is, that system formed by brain structures that manage physiological responses to emotional stimuli.

Music therapy as a medicine for stress. It is the use of music to improve the physical, psychological, intellectual or social functioning of people who have stress problems. It must be recognized that a large part of the diseases originates in the brain, which then transmits to a part of the body a specific stimulus that reproduces a disease.

Among all the benefits that music therapy generates, you can: explore your feelings; make positive changes in mood and emotional state; develop the sense of control of our lives through successful experiences; and learn to solve problems and conflicts.

Music therapy tries to get stimuli to the brain that lead to a state of relaxation or, at least, neutralization of the factors that cause some disease. By reproducing certain types of relaxing melodies, surprising effects can be achieved. Human beings should feel privileged to enjoy and be surrounded by musical manifestations.

Music brings enjoyment, among other emotions.
Music enjoyment

Music is beauty, aesthetics, culture, health, and motivation. For those who compose and execute it, it is pure passion. In sum, it is a fundamental instrument to achieve an atmosphere of harmony in society.

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