Renewable Electricity Generation in Costa Rica Would Reach 98% in 2022

    It is estimated that demand will grow 0.36% compared to 2021

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    The National Electricity Control Center (CENCE) of Costa Rica presented this morning the energy production projections for 2022. The activity was carried out in the presence of the different agents of the National Electric System (SEN), at the Center’s facilities, located in Santo Domingo of Heredia.

    According to the data detailed by CENCE this Friday, the five renewable sources available to the Costa Rican matrix – water, geothermal, wind, biomass and sun – would make up 98% of the national generation. Hydrometeorology analysis indicates that this year will be characterized by drier conditions than in 2021.

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    Increase demand

    The possibilities of greater economic activity –after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic– will allow a moderate increase in electricity demand. It is estimated that electricity consumption in the country will grow 0.36% compared to last year, and that it will reach about 11,564 gigawatt hours (GWh).

    “In 2022 we will have limited access to the Regional Electricity Market (MER) to import, due to the most intense dry season facing the region and international conditions for the purchase of supplies. Therefore, the relevance of national support to guarantee supply at the most economical cost and meet the needs of all sectors of the country,” said Salvador López, director of CENCE.

    Average rainfall

    In 2021, rainfall in the national territory was above average, and even made it possible to reach a record for exports to the MER, with more than 1,000 GWh sold. Also, the SEN added the period with the lowest use of thermal backup in 65 years.

    During 2022, the level of the Arenal reservoir shows a behavior within what is expected for a period with flows below the historical average. This is the main body of water in the country for hydroelectric generation, with multi-annual and essential storage capacity in the national security reserve.

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