This is How the New Vehicle Circulation Restriction Applies in San José

    Replacing the sanitary vehicle restriction

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    After being suspended in April 2020, to leave only the sanitary vehicle restriction in force, the old license plate restriction, in San José, returned as of this past Monday, March 7th, with its own exceptions.

    This was reported by the authorities of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, which will resume this measure that dates back to 2005, with its different variations over time; having the purpose of reducing automobile traffic in the capital, the area with the highest density of automobile circulation.

    As a refresher, they detailed, this measure will be applied from 6 am to 7 pm, starting with plates ending in 1 or 2, on Mondays and culminating with those ending in 9 or 0 on Fridays, on all routes included along the ring road, inclusive, towards the center of the capital.


    Motorcycles, emergency vehicles, all public vehicles for transporting people, whether on the road, students, workers or special vehicles, taxis, as well as people with disabilities or vehicles with environmentally friendly technologies, such as electric vehicles, are part of the of the exceptions.

    Similarly, it will be possible to circulate with full occupancy (4 people, minimum, counting the driver) from 6 am to 8 am and from 4:30 pm to 7 pm, if there is restriction. Of course, you cannot leave people on the road, at least 4 must always travel.

    The authorities also request that the sanitary vehicle restriction be completely forgotten, since the only thing they resemble is in the area of ​​application in San José and in the license plates that do not circulate every day.

    From this perspective, it is clarified and emphasized that the exceptions of the work letter are without effect, the same as attending medical appointments, going to the airport or transferring students to educational centers.

    Practical test drive is no exception

    In the same line of clarification of which situations cease to be an exception, the Ministry explained that, given the reactivation of the license plate vehicle restriction, it is important to highlight that people who have registered the practical driving test must apply it in a vehicle that does not have restriction on the day of the appointment.

    This particularity applies only to people who have their test at the San José site, located in Paso Ancho, the remaining 12 sites are outside the restriction area. It is also recalled that motorcycles are not included in the license plate restriction, so they would have no problem applying the test at any venue.

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