Changes in Vehicle Circulation Restrictions for 2021 begin this week

    Also access to Tico beaches has been modified

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    As of this past Monday, January 4th, changes in the sanitary vehicle circulation restriction apply as a measure to reduce the mobility of people and prevent COVID-19 infections. During the week, the nighttime restriction schedule of 10 p.m.- 5 a.m. returns, and the mobility impediment is maintained one day a week (depending on the last number of the vehicle’s license plate).

    In addition, for this month of January the restriction on weekends returns, a measure that had been eliminated since mid-October. In this case, the impediment returns with a change in the plates enabled to circulate, now those finished in an even number on Saturdays and those finished in an odd number on Sundays can do so.

    The nighttime health vehicle restriction schedule for weekends will be 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. In all cases, the list of exceptions remains enabled, which can be consulted on the Presidency website.

    Exceptions stand in place

    Among the exceptions that allow the circulation of vehicles regardless of the license plate are those who have a hotel reservation, have to travel to work or have to go to drop off or pick up a relative at the airport. In total, there are 18 authorized exceptions for free transit, with their proper justification letter.

    This schedule of sanitary vehicle circulation restriction that governs from this past Monday will remain -at least- until next January 31st. Disrespecting the measure represents a traffic fine of ¢ 110 thousand.

    Access to the beach

    Another change that governs as of this past Monday is the return of the restriction schedule on the country’s beaches. As of this Monday, January 4th and until January 17th, the beaches will be enabled from 5 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., that is, from that time (2:30 p.m.) the entry and use of these spaces will be restricted.

    In addition, another measure that is applied is the reduction of capacity in bars and casinos, which from January 4th to 17th  will be able to operate at 25 percent of their capacity. In the case of national parks, it was established that they will be able to function during this beginning of the year with a maximum capacity of 50 percent.

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