Closing of Land Borders for Tourists in Costa Rica will last until February 1st

    Government also extended the closure of maritime borders

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    The closure of land borders for tourists in Costa Rica will last until -at least- February 1st as a measure to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. The Executive announced on the afternoon of January 4th an extension of executive decree 42690-MGP-S, which continues the impediment of entry into the territory through the border posts with Nicaragua and Panama to all international visitors.

    National citizens or foreigners who have a legal permanence of the following migratory categories are excepted from this provision: Permanent residence. Temporary residence. Specials. Non-residents, of the stay subcategory. As a requirement, people in this last group must also be up to date with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) or, failing that, must comply with travel insurance.

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    The latter will have to cover at least the accommodation and medical expenses generated in the event of contagion by the novel Coronavirus, equivalent to the costs of admission to a hospital with a minimum coverage for 22 days as well as accommodation for that minimum period. But they also “must carry out the corresponding procedures to order their insurance situation before the Costa Rican Social Security Fund during the term of the insurance”, establishes article 3 of chapter 1 of the decree.

    At the time of entry, the respective immigration authority must make the corresponding control to issue and notify the foreigner of a sanitary order of isolation for 14 days. This is mandatory and must be fully complied with during the person’s stay in the country.

    Closure of Maritime borders

    With the extension of the validity of the provision, the closure of maritime borders was also extended, except for yachts or sailboats. The latter may be used to enter Costa Rica by nationals, foreigners with regular immigration status or tourists.

    The press release circulated by the Executive Branch indicates that the measures will be reviewed and analyzed in accordance with the national state of emergency for respiratory disease.

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