Costa Rica Health Safety Protocols, So International Visitors can Come with Complete Peace of Mind

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    Traveling in times of Coronavirus is not easy, even less if we are talking about long overseas trips, being clear about the situation of our destination country and the conditions for traveling to it, is essential. In the case of Costa Rica the health safety protocols are clearly established.

    Costa Rica is trying to overcome the terrible effects that the Coronavirus crisis caused on its tourism sector, after the forced closure of borders that the country implemented to contain the spread of the Pandemic.

    The nation has know reopened to the world as of August 1st, they have done so gradually, starting with only 5 flights per week from the European Union, United Kingdom and Canada; Opening their doors with the international endorsement of having received the “Safe Travels Seal” from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) in recognition of the sanitary protocols implemented for the tourism sector.

    More than 20 days have now passed since Costa Rica opened its borders with its new hygienic and sanitary protocols in place, but if we have learned something, it is that living with the Virus is not easy and no matter how hard we try to avoid contagion, it is not always possible, hence the country of Pura Vida has decided to go a step further by ensuring that those who test positive in a PCR test, whether with symptoms of the disease or as asymptomatic patients, do not suffer more setbacks than are strictly necessary, during the inevitable and obligatory quarantine.

    Conditions for all international travelers who want to visit Costa Rica:

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    1) A valid international medical insurance that covers treatment in case of COVID-19 and accommodation expenses in case that tourists are forced to comply with a quarantine.

    2) Submit a negative COVID-19 test taken 48 hours prior to the trip.

    3) Completing an online Health Pass form to be submitted when arriving in Costa Rica.

    It is true that, a priori, these conditions sound like barriers or impediments, which may even discourage us when it comes to traveling, but, when we think about it, we realize that they actually represent an essential advantage for us: if we like to travel, and are passionate about it, now, in times of Pandemic, the possibility of suffering a mishap on the trip is much greater than in normal times…..then, what greater peace of mind than traveling, knowing that if we are affected by COVID-19 and are forced to quarantine, both treatment and accommodation are guaranteed, so we can have our minds free for really enjoying our trip to beautiful Costa Rica and not worrying about the What if’s.

    Welcome to our country and enjoy your stay!

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