Qatar And Dubai Seek to Hire Costa Ricans During the World Cup

    Due to Tico cordiality, experience and good treatment

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    The Middle East continues to grow in its luxury hotel and gastronomic offer ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and Costa Rica, due to the cordiality of its people, experience and good treatment, is the main focus of the search for young professionals.

    The very important luxury chains Jumeirah and Waldorf Astoria will open their new high-end hotels in Dubai and Qatar, respectively, with hundreds of job positions of all kinds -especially hotels and restaurants- that can mainly be filled by women.

    “Due to the level of these chains and the opportunities that are opening up, we calculate a 70/30 hiring of female staff compared to male,” said the CEO of PHRS, Carlos Díaz.

    The required positions are waiters and waitresses, bartenders, hostesses, kitchen assistants, room maids, cleaning of public areas, laundry personnel, storage personnel, porters, buttons and receptionists, supervisors for all areas, Spa personnel and recreation. Also positions of higher level of responsibility such as managers, supervisors, etc.

    Equal pay and professional growth

    Although this time more women than men are expected to apply, “as a basic policy, most chains have 50% female staff and 50% male,” says Belén Hermina, the face of PHRS in MO, when time that remarks: “Here there are no differences in salary by gender, or by nationality. Each position has a salary and these characteristics or age do not matter. There is equality in categories, positions and possibilities, even in some areas it is easier to access because I am a woman and in terms of treatment, in my experience, I have never been discriminated against, mistreated or anything similar because of my gender”.

    The largest age range of those who approach the most traditional hotel and gastronomy positions is between 20 and 35 years old, including 18/19 in some cases. Those who are over that age“apply for positions such as manager, supervisor, general manager, etc.  The older you are, the more people with a higher category of job training and level of responsibility derived from that experience are sought”.

    Regarding the professional growth of those who want to stay there for several years, he comments that “for example, waiters spend a few years working in that position and then they make a career and go up. Above all, it happens in the hotel sector that after a year, a year and a half, you can change your position, get promoted. There are hotels that do a kind of internal internship, that is, they let you work in another position a few hours a week and you train, and the day a position arises, you have priority in applying to fill it.”

    How to apply?

    In all cases, an advanced level of conversational English is required, and where possible work experience in the chosen field(s).As in previous opportunities, “the contracting company is responsible for airfare at the beginning and end of the contract, base salary in dollars, accommodation expenses, transportation, meals, medical insurance and visa expenses. In other words, they have all expenses paid and also a salary in dollars.”

    For more information, those interested can enter the website or send us an email to [email protected]

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