Puntarenas Deputies Have Doubts about Project that Seeks to Protect Sharks

    The current legislators of the province of Puntarenas seek that the project is not seen in the Plenary so that it can be returned to that legislative commission

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     A supposed “technical closure” of the longline sector is the reason why the deputies seek to stop the progress of a project in the Legislative Assembly. This is a proposal presented in the last legislative period, which aims to protect threatened or endangered species, specifically, sharks.

    Despite the fact that the proposal was endorsed by the Environment Commission, the current legislators of the province of Puntarenas seek that the project not be seen in the Plenary and that it be returned to that legislative commission. A motion would be presented to stop the progress of the initiative, confirmed Fabricio Alvarado (Nueva República), Kattia Rivera (PLN) and Pilar Cisneros (PSD), at the request of the Puntarenas deputies, according to what was said in a meeting of chiefs on March 2nd.

    The information took Kattia Cambronera (PLP) and Jonathan Acuña (Frente Amplio) by surprise, who pointed out that the proposal had been improved and for that reason it received the endorsement of the commission. “In the case of our deputies, the couple of lines that they sent me was that this would cause a technical closure of the longline sector, I imagine that at the time they had not analyzed this within what they have discussed in commission”, said Rivera.

    Alvarado pointed out that from his faction there are more arguments to return the proposal to analysis by the Environment Commission. The project would reinforce the Incopesca decree on the protection of sharks, Cambronero said.

    Faced with these questions, the faction leaders agreed to see the reasons for the request at the next meeting, in order to make a decision on the matter. In essence, this project arises from the concern that a third of sharks is under threat or in danger of extinction.

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