Photo of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Taken in Costa Rica, Receives Recognition in World Contest

    A photo of a red-eyed tree frog, from the forests of Costa Rica, received recognition at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards 2023

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    The Sony World Photography Awards is an international contest -which was born in 2007- to which 415,000 images from all over the world entered. They also received more than 200,000 photos that aspired under the National Awards program, created by the World Photography Organization and Sony.

    This initiative seeks to support local photographic communities around the world. One of the photos in this last category is that of Manuel Rodríguez, who was a finalist in this contest. But, in addition, it appears on the main page of the contest.

    What is known about these frogs?

    Red-eyed frogs are more common than perhaps you and I realize. Carolina Esquivel, a herpetologist at the National University, explained to El Observador that these amphibians are found between southern Mexico and northern Colombia.

    In Costa Rica they are on both sides; both in the Pacific and in the Caribbean, especially in areas such as Sarapiquí, Limón, Golfo Dulce and Manuel Antonio. There is no presence of them in Guanacaste, mainly due to climate issues.

    It is not a species that is in danger of extinction, but it is of least concern. This happens because the vegetation, where it usually lays its eggs, is being replaced by grass. Its most common habitat is lagoons, puddles or swamps, places where there are no water currents. Adult frogs are carnivorous: they eat crickets, flies, and moths with their long, sticky tongues. National Geographic published, some time ago, a special work on this species. And this is what he wrote: “This famous amphibian of the tropical jungles sleeps during the day on the underside of the leaves, hiding the colors of its body. When disturbed it opens its bulging red eyes and shows its large orange legs and flanks, which are bright blue and yellow. This technique of displaying its bright colors causes the bird, or snake, to freeze for an instant, allowing it to leap to safety”.

    The Costa Rican specialist also highlighted that this green-eyed frog is not poisonous; in fact, they are nocturnal and to communicate they emit sounds and even vibrations.

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