Our Own Fears and Prejudices are the Biggest Obstacles in Our Lives: The Power of Self-esteem. Part I

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    Our fears lock us in the comfort zone, punish us and prevent us from fighting for what we really want. The media and social networks do not help either, placing us in constant comparisons with others.

    Self-esteem is the way we judge and evaluate ourselves. In other words, self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves.It consists of the entire set of beliefs, assessments and thoughts that we have about ourselves, and that we have been creating from our experiences.

    In addition, self-esteem has several psychological functions:

    Satisfy your need to feel good about yourself

    Reduce the impact of rejections you suffer in your life

    Protect you from fear and uncertainty

    Motivate you to fight for your goals

    We could all be smarter, prettier, and richer, but it has been shown that self-esteem does not depend on what you have, what you know or what you are. It depends on how you accept yourself.

    Having a solid self-esteem does not imply being arrogant, but being able to accept our strengths and weaknesses to recognize our own worth.Low self-esteem can change people’s behavior to confirm their suspicions about their own worth, creating a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to escape.

    Not being comfortable being who you are or not trusting your abilities has terrible consequences. You probably refrain from attending social gatherings, not trying new things and stop facing challenges that would give richness to your life.

    How To Overcome The Fear Of Getting Sick?

    You will know that you suffer from low self-esteem if the following usually happens to you:

    You feel inferior to others

    You get demotivated easily and don’t finish what you start

    You avoid any situation in which you could fail

    You keep blaming yourself for your past mistakes

    You don’t think there’s anything special about you

    You don’t feel attractive

    You avoid interacting with others

    You do not express your ideas or opinions

    You usually feel anxiety and deep sadness

    You are a perfectionist and you do not value what you get

    You have a hard time making decisions

    Envy corrodes you when others get something…


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