A Charity Concert “Paz para Ucrania”

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    Youth Day in Costa Rica was also celebrated in Alajuela, Grecia.

    In addition to all the events, you could see the “Paz para Ucrania” concert or, better said, the event organized by the Asociación Ucrainana en Costa Rica, or AUCR for short.

    There you had the opportunity to see a photo exhibition of Ukraine before and during the war, a photo zone for spreading information about Ukraine with the hashtag #TodosSomosUcrania, a zone for children with interesting information about Ukraine, games, balloons, and blue-yellow ribbons, which are the colors of Ukraine. Unfortunately, a heavy downpour didn’t allow to finish what was started properly. The concert and all other activities had to stop. Rain is just like war – you don’t know when it will end. It is important to note that the war in Ukraine is not over, russia’s aggression knows no bounds, unfortunately. It is important to talk about the present. Ukrainians also want to live without fear of the next minute.

    Aggression is not only of a physical nature – such as the destruction of Ukrainian homes, looting, rape, or murder – but also psychological violence. russian propaganda spends a lot of money on their lies all over the world, and of course, this greatly infuriates Ukrainians, especially those who have experienced the war with their own eyes.

     Let’s back to August 28…

    At this charity concert, you had the opportunity to enjoy the live music of the very talented musician Christopher Montenegro.

    Association also talked about important things – about the reality that all the people of Ukraine faced. We are all people who live their freedom, who will fight for their right from birth, to live in peace and not be afraid of the bombing of a neighboring country. These small steps – talking about reality, and looking for ways to help – are a big thing that everyone can join, which is what the organizers of the concert urged people to do. Just like the people at the concert, you still have the opportunity to make a charitable contribution by contacting Oleksandra Demianenko at the e-mail address [email protected]. All funds collected will be donated to children and residents of Ukraine who need prosthetics due to the russian attack from February 24, 2022.

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