Name of Costa Rica Will Be Present at 34 Yoga Classes to Be Taught in the Heart of New York City for 4 Months

    The 'Pura Vida' and the Essential Costa Rica brand are present in Bryant Park, in NYC

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    Pura Vida and the Essential Costa Rica brand are present in Bryant Park, in the heart of New York City, from May 31st to September 27th, 2023. During these 4 months, there will be 34 free yoga clases for lovers of this discipline.

    They are lessons given to thousands of people on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons by the best yoga instructors from the most prestigious studios in the Big Apple, indicated the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

    On July 12th, 2023, as part of the celebration for the second anniversary of the designation of the sloth as a National Symbol, Costa Rican yoga instructor Marco Amador performed a meditation and relaxation exercise for 20 members of the American press. Amador is a physical therapist and movement expert with extensive experience in yoga, functional training, animal movement, and sports.

    Those present were given a reusable Jacaranda bag with the Costa Rican products “Buy without plastic” (, an essence, a cold cloth with the Country Brand and a yoga mat. In the afternoon of that same day, Amador held the same class but for the general public.

    What the ICT is looking for

    With this, the ICT “seeks to inspire and invite participants to connect with the essentials of life and learn about the wonders that they can enjoy in Costa Rica. But, in addition, keeping our destination in the minds of the best American prospects, especially those in the wellness tourism niche”, the entity said in a statement.

    “New York is one of the cities that concentrates thousands of our best prospects and, therefore, we seek to keep Costa Rica in the minds of wellness-loving travelers. Also to those who love natural, cultural and gastronomic wonders as an alternative for their next vacations”. This was stated by Carolina Trejos, marketing director of the ICT, who was in New York promoting the destination and its offer.

    The wellness and wellness segment is one of the most sought after by travelers eager to connect and enjoy nature and practice yoga and meditation. As well as those who love walks and taste Costa Rican gastronomy based on local, fresh products and organic ingredients.

    Daily presence of Costa Rica in the city that “never sleeps”

    These free classes are part of the park’s summer program called “Bryant Park Yoga”, one of the most beloved and important outdoor yoga events in New York City for more than 20 years. It is estimated a participation of between 15,000 and 20,000 people each season.

    The Essential Costa Rica brand can be seen on the banner and the 2 signs located meters before the registration tent to guide attendees. Also in the 2 security barriers at the entrance to the lawn where the classes are held, as well as in the tent placed in each of the 34 classes through which attendees enter to finish their registration and start the yoga class.

    The logo of our country can also be seen in the “Bryant Park Movie Nights” program of activities, a projection held minutes before the start of the movies on a huge LED screen in the park. It is also visible in the Bryant Park newsletter and in mentions on his social networks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and press materials.

    The Essential Costa Rica logo is also included in three print ads for the event in New York Magazine, a magazine with a circulation of 411,348 publications. And every time the start of one of the 34 classes is announced, the presenter mentions that it is sponsored by Essential Costa Rica.

    To strengthen the promotion of Costa Rica, a photobooth or back panel with Costa Rican motifs will be installed for 6 dates, a stand with the participation of “ambassadors” who share information about the country and encourage people to participate in the raffle for a trip to Costa Rican soil for 2 people. The gifts for the participants in these 6 dates include a large towel with the Essential Brand and a hand spray with the Country Brand essence.

    Costa Rican yoga also present in Canada

    As a complement to the participation in New York, Costa Rican yoga instructor Marco Amador gave a class in Toronto, Canada, another of the country’s priority markets, on July 13th. The United States and Canada represent 2 of our main source markets for travelers. During the first semester of 2023, 792,944 American tourists and 148,973 Canadians visited us by air.

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