Medical Treatments People are Flocking to the U.S. to Receive

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    Although many people think of medical tourism as a way to get medical treatment at less cost, there is a flip side to this. The majority of individuals looking for medical care outside of their own country hope to find more affordable healthcare than they find in their home countries. However, there is an increasingly large segment of medical tourists who are focused on exceptional care unavailable in their home countries. In the United States, there are several medical cutting-edge medical treatments available that are difficult to find in other countries. Individuals looking for innovative treatments are flocking to the United States to take advantage of the remarkable strides being made in some areas of medicine.


    Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is seen by many as a virtual fountain of youth. BHRT reverses or slows many of the signs of aging, including reduced libido, lack of energy, and weight gain. Because this is an elective procedure, many individuals don’t have access to this cutting-edge treatment unless they travel to the United States, where numerous medical clinics are offering customized BHRT infusions to their patients.

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    Stem Cell Therapy

    Undifferentiated stem cells promote cell repair and renewal. They are being used extensively in the United States to treat various diseases and pain conditions, including arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and erectile dysfunction. Because the stem cells are harvested from the patient’s own body, there is no chance of rejection. This makes stem cell treatments increasingly popular to medical tourism patients looking for safe, effective pain relief without the risks of invasive surgeries and other treatment options. In the U.S., medical clinics like ThriveMD treat an impressive array of conditions with stem cell therapy that isn’t available in some other countries.

    Complex or Rare Conditions

    Patients who have to undergo complex surgical procedures or have rare illnesses often come to the United States because they can get treatment and care that’s not available in their own country. This is particularly true of certain orthopedic surgeries, including spinal reconstruction and treatment for certain rare forms of cancer. The Cleveland Clinic, The Mayo Clinic, and Cedars Sinai are all popular with overseas patients who come to the United States for unparalleled care.

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    Cosmetic Surgery

    Although plastic surgery is often available elsewhere, it’s most prevalent in the United States. Coming to the United States for elective cosmetic surgery offers several advantages if you have the time and money. There is no waiting list for cosmetic surgery in the U.S., where there are more specialists. Cosmetic surgery isn’t frowned upon in the United States, unlike some countries where it may be viewed as undesirable. Combine this with the anonymity of having a procedure done while on vacation and returning home fully healed, and it’s not surprising that some patients choose a U.S. cosmetic surgeon.


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