“Luisito Comunica” Applauds the Cleaning of Uvita Beach in the South Pacific of Costa Rica

    The Mexican influencer with more than 40 million followers on Social Media loves or country

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    Luisito Comunica traveled from La Fortuna to the south of the Costa Rican Pacific, specifically to Uvita beach. For more signs, this beach is located within the Marino Ballena National Park, in the canton of Osa (Puntarenas).

    There, in the company of his girlfriend Arianny Tenorio (with whom he travels the world), he spared no praise for the cleanliness of this beach. Circunvalación Norte: the project born in the 60s hopes to materialize at Christmas. “Hey, how nice Uvita beach is. I loved. Everything is very nice, everything is very green… especially very clean. There is no garbage. That has impressed me”, he said.

    “There is not a single can of beer, not a bottle of water. That’s very cool. He talks about how they take care of him and that people around here are awareof who he is”. Then, in another of the stories on his Instagram account, the Mexican smokes a marijuana cigar and then drinks piped water, which costs him less than $1.

    His passage through the North Zone

    At a stop for a soda in La Fortuna de San Carlos, the influencer first acknowledged that he likes the way Costa Ricans pronounce the “R”. Then in another of his videos he talks about tamarind soda and even joked with his girlfriend about a popular saying in Mexico. Luisito closed by saying that he loves the way Costa Ricans are and the treatment he has received so far.

    Praise for Costa Rica

    Days ago, the influencer told his almost 33 million followers on Instagram: “How delicious Costa Rica. Very excited to be here!” After passing through San José, where the youtuber was pleased to eat a delicious gallopinto with egg cake and wrapped in banana leaves in the Central Market, he is now in La Fortuna de San Carlos.

    From a point with a view of the Arenal lagoon, the Mexican spoke about the generation of electricity based on renewable sources. He then talked about his fascination with ants and later posted a picture of the imposing Arenal volcano.

    His passage through the country

    In other stories, Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, 31, the real name of this well-known figure in Latin America, published two images with two flagship drinks in Costa Rica.

    It was the Cacique guaro -manufactured by Fanal- and the Imperial beer -from Florida Ice & Farm-, whose photos were taken in what appears to be a minusúper. The influencer was pleasantly surprised not only by the kindness of the Ticos, but also by the flavor and power of both drinks, particularly the guaro.

    In fact, Florida Ice & Farm confirmed that it is looking for the owner of this mini-supermarket to thank him for giving the famous influencer a beer. This was indicated by Nicolás Silva, manager of the Imperial brand, who said that the objective of looking for the man is “to recognize his initiative to share an Imperial with Luisito. With this, we seek to reward all those people who proudly show what is ours”. Silva asked people if they recognize the owner of the business to let the brand know through their social networks.

    Quite an event

    The arrival of Luisito Comunica in Costa Rica has become quite an event among his fans. The famous Mexican youtuber toured San José this Wednesday and several people recognized him and recorded it, there were those who even took pictures with him.

    This was evident in photos and videos that circulate on social networks such as TikTok, in which Luisito appears accompanied by three more people, but his attitude is relaxed and affable.

    Who is Luisito?

    He is perhaps the most famous influencer in the region, where he has more than 32.5 million followers on Instagram and close to 40 million on YouTube. His videos are extremely viral and each one achieves millions of views in less than 24 hours.

    Luisito has not only taken advantage of his digital fame but has been able to monetize it: not only does he have a clothing brand but he has ventured into the restaurant business, among other investments.

    His real name is Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, he is 30 years old and was born in Puebla. In 2007, he entered the video platform with a channel called ‘Piano for cool people’. There I did tutorials and covers of songs. But in April 2012 he transformed it into ‘Luisito Comunica’, in which he reports on trips, private stories and, of course, promoting his businesses, including books.

    World travel

    Luisito has visited from North Korea and China to Venezuela. Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras, just to name a few of the nations. In fact, in one of his posts, he says that he has filled three passports with stamps. “My third passport 100% full of stamps”.

    “A great personal achievement, and physical evidence of so many incredible adventures. I will never stop surprising myself with how huge and varied our planet is” the Mexican wrote in a post on Instagram.

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