Contest Collected More than 400 Photographs of Sustainable Development in Costa Rica

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    More than 100 people participated in the Shoot for the Goal photography contest and more than 400 photographs referring to sustainable development in Costa Rica were collected, of these a total of 6 winning photographs were chosen that received prizes in cash or via training courses and professional photography.

    Shoot for the Goal is the first photography contest in our country for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and is a joint proposal between the Business Alliance for Development (AED), Banco Nacional as a strategic ally, VERITAS University, Magic Trees, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Policies (MIDEPLAN), the company PUCCI, and has the support of the United Nations (UN) in Costa Rica.

    With this contest, the photographs that show the main challenges and advances in the 17 SDGs within the national territory are recognized, likewise it was possible for the participants to analyze their environment, visualize the different challenges of sustainable development that we face and capture it in a photograph that could communicate its importance and impact to others.

    “These joint initiatives help people learn in depth about the SDGs, take ownership of them and become actively involved in meeting the objectives”, said the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Allegra Baiocchi.

    “This contest shows that people must also take responsibility for their impacts on society, the economy and the environment in order to propose solutions to the great challenges we face”, said Olga Sauma, Executive Director of AED.

    “The photographs represented here today demonstrate the social will in generating evidence that shows us the great path we have to travel, not alone, but collaboratively and together towards 2030”, said Jose Pablo Céspedes, Coordinator of the Secretariat Mideplan SDG technique.

    “At Banco Nacional we relate the specific objectives of the Strategy with 55 of the 169 goals of the SDGs, this represents a link of 33% of the total goals. We classify them and define the dimensions where we have the greatest concentration to establish a balance. So we have specific objectives of the sustainable business strategy linked to 15 goals of the SDGs in the social field, 17 in the environmental field, as well as in the economic field and 6 in terms of governance”, commented Silvia Chaves, Sustainability Leader of Banco Nacional.

    “Our impact is mainly focused as follows: social sphere: SDG 1 End of Poverty and SDG 5 Gender Equality; economic sphere: SDG 8 Employment and Economic Growth, SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 12 Responsible Production and Consumption; environmental field: SDG 13 Action for Climate and governance: SDG 17 Alliances to achieve the objectives, explained María Brenes, General Director of Institutional Relations and Sustainability of Banco Nacional.

    “The results of the photographs show realities of all kinds: from tenderness to the heartbreaking differences that we have as challenges in society. Also, through the visions contributed by each participant, hope and a compassionate gaze converge towards ourselves and those around us”, said Diana Zuleta, Executive Director of Magical Trees. After receiving the participating photographs, the jury made up of representatives of the alliance that made this initiative possible proceeded to choose the 5 winning photographs, in this case one for each of the categories and the public through their votes on the platform of the contest chose a sixth winner.

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