Living On the Beach or In the Mountain: Advantages and Disadvantages

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    Saying whether it is better to live on the beach or in the mountains is certainly subjective. It depends a lot on the lifestyle and priorities of each person. For this reason, what seems to be an advantage to one person may be a great inconvenience to another.

    It is not easy, however, we propose the challenge of identifying some of the main advantages and disadvantages of living by the sea or in the mountains:

    Advantages of living in the mountains

    The air quality is better in the mountains than on the beach, basically because the vegetation is much more abundant. On the other hand, coastal cities tend to be more exploited than mountain ones, and greater traffic, population and activity, implies more pollution.

    Life goes by at a different pace, everything is slower, less crowded and works more in harmony with nature. They are different lifestyles, but that does not imply that people who live in mountain areas cannot suffer moments of stress…

    The price of housing is, in general, more accessible in mountain areas than on the beach. The reason is simple, prices are governed by the law of supply and demand.

    More living space. Many of the homes for purchase or rent in mountain areas are single-family houses, country houses or flats that are larger in size than in coastal cities. That means you have more space at a lower price for you and your family. That, without counting the green spaces to do outdoor activities, of course. Seen this way, would you stop living in the city?

    Disadvantages of living in the mountains

    If you don’t like tranquility, don’t live in a mountain area. Because neither the lifestyle nor the climate accompany those who prefer a more accelerated or unbridled pace of life. If you really like the movement, the people and have many options to choose from for anything, better look for the city.

    The possibilities are more limited. In mountain towns there is a variety of products and services, but not as much as in beach cities or cities that are not properly mountain… That is, you may not have 4 gyms, 6 movie theaters and 10 supermarkets to choose from.

    Advantages of living on the beach

    You can enjoy the beach all year round. It is a mistake to believe that the beach is only enjoyed in summer. The rest of the year can also be enjoyed to go for a run, walk the dogs, have a picnic… And in summer, you have it there, without going on vacation.

    The weather.The climate in the beach areas is much milder than in the mountain areas. So if you don’t like the cold very much, better live on the beach.

    There is more life. On the beach there is always more life, because the weather and the sea attract people, parties and entertainment.

    The sea has many health benefits. In addition to being able to walk on the beach and play sports on the sand, seawater has many beneficial properties for health.

    Disadvantages of living on the beach

    The price of housing is usually higher on the beach than in the mountains, because there is more demand. In addition, during the holiday periods, prices skyrocket.

    Smaller houses. In beach areas, houses are usually more expensive and smaller than in the mountains. So, if you want to have a house with a garden or a large apartment with a terrace, you have to pay for it.

    Overcrowding. The beach areas are all tourist areas. This implies that, at certain times of the year, its population multiplies and people live a little more overwhelmed by the crowd that accumulates.

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