Ultra processed foods Are Fattening, But So Is Noise

    As noise can generate stress and affect sleep

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    The fundamental cause of overweight and obesity is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. According to the WHO, in today’s world there has been: Increased intake of hypercaloric foods, rich in fat and sugar but lacking in vitamins and minerals. And at the same time decrease in physical activity due to the increase in new forms of more sedentary life.

    The problem of obesity in developed countries is acquiring the characteristics of a true epidemic. For this, it is enough to observe the upward trend in the prevalence of obesity found in countries such as the United States or Great Britain, constituting one of the main current challenges for public health, and the most frequent of nutritional problems.

    The influence of noise

    Noise from car traffic is associated with an increased risk of obesity in the context of prolonged exposure. This is confirmed thanks to the research led by Maria Foraster, a researcher at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), which has been published in the journal Environment International.

    In the study population, of Swiss origin, a statistical association of noise exposure related to obesity was observed. This can be explained as noise can generate stress and affect sleep. However, if we read the original article, we see that traffic noise is accompanied by the presence of obesity, but to affirm a cause-effect relationship, it is necessary to delve into the subject of the research before drawing hasty conclusions.

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