Law Initiative Seeks to Avoid Contamination of the Sea by Microplastics in Costa Rica

    Project would regulate the way in which cosmetic, personal and cleaning products with microplastics are imported, produced and sold

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    Given the scientific evidence on the impact of microplastics on human health, a bill aims to regulate in Costa Rica the import, production and sale of cosmetic, personal care, and cleaning products that contain this element in an added way.

    The initiative, promoted by the deputy Monserrat Ruiz, together with the One Sea Organization and the MarViva Foundation, with the support of the United Nations Development Program, seeks to avoid the detriment of national marine life, directly impacted by the presence of microplastics in ecosystems, and, at the same time, avoid affecting food safety and human health, due to the increasing exposure to the ingestion of microplastics. It is processed under file 23,694.

    Commitments assumed by Costa Rica to ecologically management

    “This project seeks to respond to the commitments assumed by Costa Rica to ecologically manage chemical products and all waste throughout their life cycle, as well as inform consumers about the content and characteristics of the products they purchase,” stated legislator Ruiz.

    Exceptions include products with added microplastics, used in human, dermatological and animal health care. However, in these cases they must include on their labeling, in a visible and clear way for the consumer, the information that specifies that the product contains added plastic microparticles.

    Scientific evidence

    “There are national scientific studies that show the presence of microplastics on the beaches, in fish that are part of the food chain, and in birds in Costa Rica, inevitably exposing people to the absorption of these particles and potential health risk, either by direct consumption of affected species or exposure to the environment. This project seeks to minimize the impact on health due to the use of microplastics in the products we use, such as cosmetic and cleaning products, and to encourage a healthier and more sustainable economy,” said Eduardo Leitón, director of the One Sea Foundation.

    The project also contemplates measures for the capture of microplastics by the industry, as well as tax incentives and initiatives to promote productive reconversion.

    A serious risk

    “We find microplastics in the most remote places on the planet, from Everest to human blood, placenta and breast milk; we are invaded by this toxic and dangerous material. In addition to the serious environmental impact, we already know that these plastics return to us through the food chain and these plastic particles put humans at risk and negatively affect the health of humans”, highlighted Alberto Quesada, Regional Coordinator of Marine Pollution of FundaciónMarViva.

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