Costa Rica is a Must for Tourism in the World

    The country stands out for its hospitality and its wonderful places

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    The incredible attraction that Costa Rica offers for travelers due to its spectacular hospitality and its wonderful places is increasingly known worldwide.Something that does not go unnoticed by the benchmark in Betway slots, when establishing its ranking of must-visit areas to disconnect from day to day.

    It is located in a privileged place where the waters of the Caribbean bathe it, on one side, and those of the Pacific on the other. This makes its biodiversity the highest in terms of density on the entire planet.

    The flora and fauna are mixed everywhere, with a closeness that is difficult to find in another country. Almost as easily as hearing a cricket, in Costa Rica you can hear the sounds of howler monkeys. This is how magical this land is, where with luck you can find a jaguar, or see the famous toucans while discovering a sloth hugging a tree.

    The inhabitants have been able to benefit from all this by opening their doors to tourism, always with a responsible vision of what they have. Before achieving it, it can be said that 25% of its territory is made up of Protected Reserves.

    Next, we present some of the most interesting places to visit in Costa Rica:

    Puerto Viejo

    It is an ideal place to start our trip, or also to end it. Its bohemian and relaxed atmosphere is surrounded by beautiful beaches, where the old fishing village, where hundreds of Jamaicans arrived at the end of the 19th century, becomes an endless exploration and a location for spectacular photographs.

    This site has become a very important meeting point, where cultural mixes transform it into a place out of this world, where magic, hospitality, good atmosphere and colors that fill souls with joy abound.When going for a walk on the beach, you come to a sunken ship that has become an icon of this place.

    Poas Volcano

    It is clear that the capital San José is one of the places you must visit, but from there there is one of the best excursions that you can experience if nature and its imposing beauty is your thing.

    Getting to the vicinity of the Poás Volcano, with its surrounding cloud forests, will create an image that will never leave our memory. It is simply a natural wonder that we cannot miss.

    This colossus of lava rises more than 2,700 meters above sea level, with one of the largest craters of all the volcanoes in the area. But it is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive in the world, because upon arrival, you will find a natural lake 365 meters in diameter with shades of a mesmerizing intense green.

    Another of the wonders of this place is that the volcano is active, contrary to what you might think if you find a lake in its crater. It is important to have a trained guide who knows the times when it is possible to visit. It is a completely surreal adventure.


    The Pacific beaches are the most exclusive and beautiful in Costa Rica, a country that satisfies any need of any type of traveler, and all with unforgettable magic.

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