The start of the Christmas season will be marked by improvements at the Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela. Aeris -administrator of the airport- informed that for that month 4 new boarding rooms will be enabled, parking ramp in 2 positions, a restaurant at departures level, a higher level for VIP rooms, and pet area. The investment for this section is US$ 20 million.

The airport will be extended to the West, in a space of 4 levels to the basement, arrivals, departures, mezzanine, 16 additional positions for the check-up of passengers, 15 check-in kiosks, an additional carousel for baggage claim, and expansion of the Customs and Agriculture area; this will decrease the passenger processing time.

Other works in the airport terminal

They also work on other aspects of security and transit facilities such as:

  • Relocation and extension of La Candela street: The street that goes to the east side of the airport is moved in about 300 meters and a new one of 1.5 kilometers is created.
  • Safety Zone at the End of the Runway: An area of 90 meters wide and 150 meters long, without obstacles and intended for those cases where a take-off must be aborted
  • Extension of the Runway: In 60 meters, this will allow the creation of 2 accesses from the new south parallel taxiway.
  • New lighting system: Total change in the current system that is more than 40 years old.
  • South parallel taxiway: The new surface will allow airplanes to go to the head of the leg for their take-off or to move to their parking position.
  • East Sector perimeter street: New 3-kilometer street on the side. This airfield will allow access to all types of vehicles such as maintenance, security, and firefighters.

Other works are part of the Aeris Master Plan, with a total investment of US$ 143 million.