JetBlue Airline Requests Authorization in Costa Rica to Merge Its Operation with Spirit

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    This request follows the global purchase of Spirit by JetBlue last year. The transaction is estimated to be for approximately US$3.7 billion, according to the AFP news agency.

    However, although the deal is global, airlines must receive authorization in each country where they operate. In Costa Rica, Coprocom must analyze the possibility of concentration in the local market, since JetBlue would acquire full control of Spirit. “Regarding the eventual reference markets affected, according to the information provided, it corresponds to international air passenger transport (services market) between the United States of America and Costa Rica”, says a statement from Coprocom.

    The commission established a time limit until Wednesday, February 8th 2023, for interested third parties to present information related to this case. It must be done before the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC), whose facilities are located in Tibás, or, by digitally signed writing through the email [email protected] Such a purchase intention is studied under file No. 069-2022-EC.

    With the merger between JetBlue and Spirit, this airline becomes the fifth largest in the industry in the United States. Before this transaction was made, the Frontier airline tried to buy Spirit, however the economic offer was lower. It is estimated that, if the transaction is completed in all the countries in which they operate, JetBlue’s aircraft fleet will reach 485 units.

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