Japan Apologizes to Its Soccer Fans for the Defeat Against Costa Rica

    At the end of the game, the players did not immediately go to the dressing room rather they all went to their fans to apologize

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    Japanese sports culture surprises the world again during the Qatar Soccer World Cup. Not only the traditional garbage removal they do after the final whistle blows, but apparently after losing to Costa Rica: the players went to apologize to their fans.

    At the end of the game, the players did not immediately go to the dressing room and did not try to avoid what had happened, but rather they all went to the sideline, at the height of their bench, where the bulk of their supporters were, and there they recognized the support and apologized for not adding points in the championship.

    Ticos beating the odds

    Japan were favorites to beat Costa Rica on matchday 2, after the Asians surprised Germany in their debut and the Ticos recieved seven goals from Spain. They dominated the actions (57% possession) and had more chances (13 shots for four), but between Tico goalkeeper Keylor Navas, the defense and misfortune, the Japanese goal did not come and Tico forward Keysher Fuller did away with their hope with a score 10 minutes from ending time. On the last day, Japan will face Spain, while Costa Rica will play against Germany.

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