In the First Semester of 2023 Guanacaste Became the Province That Registers Largest Number of Construction Square Meters

    Santa Cruz tops the list

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    Guanacaste became for the first time the province that registers the largest number of square meters of construction intention with a total of one million two hundred thousand eight hundred and eighty-two square meters, between January and June of this year according to the statistics generated by the Administrator. of Construction Projects (APC) of the Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica (CFIA).

    According to the statistics generated by the Administrator of the APC of the CFIA, the urban sector (infrastructure works) of Guanacaste is the one that contributes the greatest number of square meters with a total of 487 thousand 476 m², followed by the housing sector (471 thousand 932 m²) and the commercial with 136 thousand 109 m².

    Regarding cantons, Guanacaste continues to add historical facts, since Santa Cruz leads the national list as the one with the largest number of registered square meters (598,400 m²) with a variation of 100.5% between 2022-2023. According to Eng. Marco Antonio Zúñiga, President of the CFIA’s General Board of Directors, since the previous year there had been significant growth, both in Guanacaste and in the Central Pacific sector.

    A great accomplishment

    “This makes us very happy because we know that these are areas where investment and socioeconomic development are urgently needed.The historical levels that Guanacaste reaches are the good news that its inhabitants have been waiting for many years, since, through works related to engineering, architecture, consulting and construction, the cycle of economic growth and social well-being is completed through the generation of permanent and temporary jobs”, said Zúñiga.

    The APC data indicates that during the first half of the year, there is a 3.4% increase in construction intention, compared to the same period in 2022.San José, after Guanacaste, is the second province with the highest number of registered meters, followed by Alajuela, Puntarenas, Cartago, Heredia and Limón.

    Good news

    The APC record indicates that most of the procedures carried out in the Topography Projects Administrator occurred in Guanacaste, with 18 percent of the total at the national level. CFIA predictions indicate that in the coming months the urban projects in Guanacaste will mean a growth in the registration of residential and commercial works in the area in the coming months.

    In addition, that source indicates that the amounts in Santa Cruz represent 50 percent of the square meters registered in the province. Jerlyn Rojas, Supplier of the Urban Development company, indicated that most of the construction requests they receive from Guanacaste come from foreigners and from the tourism sector.

    “We have had prices from those segments, especially in Nosara, Sámara and Santa Cruz. In Guanacaste, land and labor are expensive, so most of the requests that come to us are from foreigners who want to have a house to come on vacation or to reside in the country,” Rojas said.The CFIA indicates in the second half of 2023 in Santa Cruz, La Unión and Carrillo a great growth of commercial and residential work is expected.

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