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    A Step By Step: How to Install Easily Ceramic Tile Floor at Home

    If you’re looking to decorate your home but not sure of what flooring to go with, ceramic tiling is an option worthy of consideration....

    Churches of San José: Years of History and Culture

    San José is the capital and cultural center of Costa Rica, which has a growing network of theaters and museums; It is a modern...
    repairing a house

    New Project to Repair Houses Approved in Costa Rica

    Now, it will be easier for the Costa Rican citizens to fit up and repair their houses. The project was unanimously approved in the first...
    building permits costa rica

    Why does it take so long to get my building permits in Costa Rica?

    For some of us, this process can take a year, and it’s confusing with all the different estimates from builders and architects. All the...
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