“The Country Declared Peace To The World”: The President’s Message For The Bicentennial Of Costa Rica

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    In the official message of the Bicentennial given by Tico President Carlos Alvarado, the protagonists were his predecessors. In a short intervention, Alvarado was enlisting other heads of state, while highlighting various inheritances. He stated that: “Juan Mora Fernández chose to be a teacher and not a military man, as happened in most Latin American countries”.

    Braulio Carrillo and José María Castro Madriz highlighted the heritage in the design of the institutionality and then spoke of the leadership of Juan Rafael Mora in the National Campaign of 1856 despite the fact that the conflict was originally from Nicaragua. Finally, he praised the Abolition of the Death Penalty dictated by Tomás Guardia.

    To these feats he added historical events such as the Abolition of the Army, the creation of national parks or the Central American pacification plan promoted by Oscar Arias. With all these actions, he said, Costa Rica declared peace to the world.”

    The next 200 years

    After the historical tour, Alvarado went on to mention what according to him are the themes for the next two centuries. There he emphasized that courageous decisions will have to be made on issues such as the environment and human rights. “Just as we have a responsibility to those who have been before who did extraordinary things, we have a responsibility to those who are going to inherit the country,” he said.

    Bicentennial Agenda

    The official bicentennial celebrations kicked off at 6:00 p.m. this past Tuesday at the Municipal Museum of Cartago. After singing the National Anthem, the authorities made a symbolic lantern parade to the Municipality. There the traditional Governing Council was held with interventions by the Cabinet and the local mayor and the deputies of the area.

    The space was used to request that progress be made with the construction of the new hospital and that the Taras and La Lima overpasses be completed. The schedule of celebrations for the Bicentennial has San José as its center, with acts in the National Park and then it will go to Second Avenue, also a cultural event has been convened at the National Stadium.
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