In Speech at the UN, Minister of the MEP Speaks of Promoting “Bio-Literacy” in Schools

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    Anna Katharina Müller participated in the Education Summit held during the 77th edition of the United Nations General Assembly. Promoting “bio-literacy” in schools and colleges is one of the important issues for the Ministry of Public Education (MEP). This was stated by Anna Katharina Müller last Monday during her participation in the Education Summit, held since last Saturday in New York, United States, as part of the 77th edition of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

    The head of the MEP called it “important” to socialize this issue in schools and colleges due to the closeness that the natural wealth of the country has with the student population and society in general. “In Costa Rica, anywhere we find a bird, a snake, a flower, a sloth. Then we have a great opportunity to generate empathy because we are living it and not all countries have that opportunity”, said our hierarch in a video where he summarized his participation in the summit.

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    Müller explained that a bio-literate person is “one with a conscience to take care of the environment. We have to use the environment to benefit ourselves, but we also have to know how to regenerate it. This is all a concept and a philosophy; it is not something that is added to the (school) curriculum. We Costa Ricans must be bio-literate throughout our lives”, said the MEP rector.

    Important alliances

    Müller also mentioned that during her participation in the summit she found institutions such as Unicef ​​and UNESCO that want to share experiences in Costa Rica to improve the public education system. “They are going to give us these experiences so that we can use them as a reference, because we will make our own proposal, but we want to see the trends of what is happening and what can be worked on and what cannot”, she added.

    In this process of consolidating public education in Costa Rica, the minister spoke of the need to generate a movement with citizen participation in the country. “We want to generate a movement in Costa Rica so that the population can participate in seeking those improvements that we need (in public education) and that we are aware that only together can we achieve”, the minister concluded.

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